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New Black Owned Urgent Care Is Ready to Serve the Community

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black owned urgent care

According to a recent report by the Urgent Care Association of America, the Urgent Care industry is valued at $18 billion and is growing. Black Owned Urgent Care in Brooklyn This is a great opportunity for medical professionals/ entrepreneurs to provide much needed healthcare alternatives to the community while building a healthcare business. Two medical…

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Three Black Business Owners, facing Gentrification, explain how to Thrive in NYC

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black business owners

Almost 20 years ago, Janifer Wilson noticed that Harlem’s bookstores were disappearing one by one, something she couldn’t stand as a woman dedicated to preserving African-American culture and history. She decided to launch her own, and rented a space on the ground floor of her apartment building that would become a community hub for literature,…

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Celsious is the Most Stylish and Eco Friendly Laundrymat You’ve Ever Seen

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Have you ever sipped organic coffee in a beautifully designed environment while your clothes washed and dried in  energy-efficient machines? No? Well, Celsious is here to change that and turn laundry day into a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. We chatted with the founders, siblings Corinna and Theresa Williams. This is what they had to say. You…

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Couples Inc. : Natural Beauty Products Made in NY, Courtesy of Talima and Allison

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Limegreen is a Multi-Use Skincare company that produces natural products using vegan ingredients. Since Dove is cancelled and we’re here for non GMO everything, we had a chat with Talima Davis, one half of the dynamic duo behind the brand. This is what she had to say:   SB:What inspired the creation of Limegreen? TD: My best friend Tamara…

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29 Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn

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Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn

Over the past decade, countless Black owned businesses in Brooklyn (and nationwide) have fallen victim to gentrification. Rising rents and leases are forcing businesses to close. However, there are still many Black owned businesses and institutions that have weathered the storm and continue to provide great goods and service.   Black Owned Businesses in Brooklyn…

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