Black Sculptor

Black Sculptor creates dark skin prosthetics to boost patients’ confidence

John Amanam is a 32 year old creative sculptor and former movie special effects expert from Nigeria. His knowledge of art has helped him produce hyper-realistic prosthesis of several body parts including the ears, nose, fingers, toes, and legs.

Black Sculptor
John Amanam, founder of Immortal Cosmetic Art

He was inspired by a cousin who lost several fingers in an accident. “I was thinking of ways to help him as a sculptor and thought to myself, since I’ve sculpted human beings, why can’t I mould something that can actually be used on a human body?”

John said that after his cousin’s accident he started to feel more empathy towards others who had experienced a similar loss.

“They had this feeling of discomfort whenever they were around other people. I saw it as a challenge. If I could give back or solve this need, it would go a long way to ease that emotional trauma and loss of confidence,” he added.

black scuptor
John Amanam works on a prosthetic hand

“I just want them to feel at home and be whole, aesthetically.”

Until now, most prosthetics available in Nigeria have been white, or made from materials such as wood that also look unrealistic.

“You rarely find people with black skin prosthetics,” Amanam said. “I want this need to be met within Africa. I want to reach out to Blacks all over the world as well, by making this process accessible, at an affordable rate.” The pieces are sold for at least 40,000 naira ($111).

Black Sculptor
A patient shows his new prosthetic hand

He says although there is room for improvement, his products have been medically approved for patients who are in need of body part replacements.

“I have been to many hospitals and the product has been well received because the materials used in producing are medically approved.”

According to John, he intends to open a factory in Akwa Ibom, his home state where he intends to produce the products in large quantities for local and international export.

Tony O. Lawson

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  1. I had a hemotoma about 20 years ago where I have a dent on my left side. I would love a prosthesis to cover it..

    I go for a job interview and the first thing they see is this dent. I try not to let it bother me but down within it does. I cant ever go totally bald .

  2. my fiancée is a double impute. this just happened to him March 7, 2019, he is a diabetic, he also lost both thumbs and the forefinger on his right hand. Could you send me some information on this. He would love to walk again. If this is affordable or can you give me the pricing information I would appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance

  3. My cousin recently had his leg amputated and he is interested in Mr. John design him a leg. Please if anyone know how to get in touch with him please post a phone number.

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