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Black Inventor Creates The World’s First Self Growing Farming System to Combat Food Scarcity and Land Shortage

Darral Addison is a Black inventor with degrees in chemistry and physics. He is also the CEO and founder of Torpedopot™, a company that makes the world’s first self-growing planters.

Torpedopot™ optimizes the conditions in which plants can achieve their full potential and is scientifically designed to grow your plants for you!

In this interview, we discuss how his patented products can address issues such as food scarcity, land shortage, and help individuals grow healthier plants doing less of what we’ve been taught to do.

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Tony O. Lawson

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Black Sculptor creates dark skin prosthetics to boost patients’ confidence

John Amanam is a 32 year old creative sculptor and former movie special effects expert from Nigeria. His knowledge of art has helped him produce hyper-realistic prosthesis of several body parts including the ears, nose, fingers, toes, and legs.

Black Sculptor
John Amanam, founder of Immortal Cosmetic Art

He was inspired by a cousin who lost several fingers in an accident. “I was thinking of ways to help him as a sculptor and thought to myself, since I’ve sculpted human beings, why can’t I mould something that can actually be used on a human body?”

John said that after his cousin’s accident he started to feel more empathy towards others who had experienced a similar loss.

“They had this feeling of discomfort whenever they were around other people. I saw it as a challenge. If I could give back or solve this need, it would go a long way to ease that emotional trauma and loss of confidence,” he added.

black scuptor
John Amanam works on a prosthetic hand

“I just want them to feel at home and be whole, aesthetically.”

Until now, most prosthetics available in Nigeria have been white, or made from materials such as wood that also look unrealistic.

“You rarely find people with black skin prosthetics,” Amanam said. “I want this need to be met within Africa. I want to reach out to Blacks all over the world as well, by making this process accessible, at an affordable rate.” The pieces are sold for at least 40,000 naira ($111).

Black Sculptor
A patient shows his new prosthetic hand

He says although there is room for improvement, his products have been medically approved for patients who are in need of body part replacements.

“I have been to many hospitals and the product has been well received because the materials used in producing are medically approved.”

According to John, he intends to open a factory in Akwa Ibom, his home state where he intends to produce the products in large quantities for local and international export.

Tony O. Lawson

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Black Inventor Creates Underwear to help patients with Catheters and Leg Bags

Brian Mohika BSN, RN (and a United States Air Force veteran) is a nurse, inventor, and founder of CathWear, an all-in-one catheter management system built into a comfortable, high-quality unisex brief.

While working as a specialist in Interventional Radiology, Brian Mohika would hear consistent complaints from patients who had drains placed inside of their organs. These patients would complain about irritated skin from leg straps constantly sliding up and down their legs.

black inventor
Brian Mohika, CEO of CathWear

To eliminate this movement, they would overtighten their leg straps, which in turn would reduce blood flood to their leg, further complicating an already bad situation. Patients also complained about inadvertently dislodging tubes while trying to undress or go to the restroom. In many instances, this would lead to a trip back to the hospital for another placement procedure.

In addition to the myriad of medical complications associated with standard leg straps, patients complained of the daily stress associated with choosing clothing that properly conceals their leg bags. Something as simple as wearing summer clothes such as shorts or dresses is simply not an option for many patients.

One day, Brian walked into a procedure room and saw a patient who had his pants down. The patient had a bag safety-pinned to his underwear. It was at this moment when Brian was inspired to create CathWear. He went home and drew the design. He then purchased a pair of underwear, some supplies and had someone build the prototype with his guidance.

Once complete, he applied for a patent. The patent was granted on July 16, 2013.

During the lengthy process of finding the right manufacturer, CathWear was able to register with the FDA, own their own Medicare code (which allows doctors to write a script for CathWear), and register as a Certified Veteran owned company.



Tony O. Lawson

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