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Black Executives Closing the Corporate Board Gap by Promoting African Business Growth

Despite high levels of education and proven ability, the pathway to the c-suite and paid board seats remains elusive for many Black executives in the United States.

B-Direct is a corporate board preparedness and executive search firm on a mission to multiply corporate board opportunities for U.S. Black executives and entrepreneurs by preparing them for and connecting them to board placement on African-based corporations looking to scale nationally and internationally.

Africa is home to over 430 businesses with $1 billion in annual sales. Of this total 25% are subsidiary group companies of foreign domicile multinationals, 50% have a local origin, 40% are publicly listed, and 60% are privately owned.

We caught up with the B-Direct executive team, Larry Yon, Andra Ward, and Henri Ward to discuss:

  • The importance of knowledge and resource sharing between African entrepreneurs on the Continent and Black professionals in the Diaspora.
  • Why the US should pay more attention to the business environment on the Continent.
  • What should US executives consider when taking on a board role in Africa
  • The mutual economic value of culturally connecting Africa to its US Diaspora.
  • Their unique approach to board placement

To learn more about how B-Direct™ is disrupting the corporate board training and placement marketplace you can reach them at and vis their website.

Interested candidates and corporations can learn more here.


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