Advancing U.S.-Africa Trade: Uncovering AGOA Benefits and Strategies

In this conversation, Dr. Wilmot Allen, Founder of VentureLift Africa (VLA), Ms. Florie Liser, CEO of the Corporate Council on Africa, and Mr. Witney Schneidman, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, discuss the background of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and its benefits for businesses through duty-free trade with Africa.

VentureLift Africa is partnering with the U.S. Government’s Prosper Africa initiative to train AGOA advisors and connect them with potential American buyers and African sellers. This work is supported by USAID through the Africa Trade and Investment program.

Dr. Allen sheds light on VLA’s role in relation to this AGOA mandate, highlighting the firm’s efforts to provide training and facilitate connections. The conversation also delves into key AGOA trends and potential strategies to strengthen the trade agreement.

The panel shares examples of successful ventures and discusses key supporting factors for realizing AGOA benefits, including trade finance, an effective logistics strategy, and identifying capable local partners.

Dr. Allen further explores the significant role of the Diaspora in promoting trade and investment with Africa, emphasizing the significant potential within this network.

For more information about the AGOA project referenced in this video, please visit or contact with any questions.

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