Black Owned Luxury Brands

Black Owned Luxury Brands To Support Instead of GUCCI and Prada

Years after the Gucci and Prada debacle, apologies have been made as well as attempts to win back consumer trust. No matter the motive behind these gestures, the fact remains that there are too many Black owned luxury brands that offer great products for us to keep supporting the same brands religiously.

That being said, here is a list of Black owned luxury brands that you can use to replace the usual suspects.


Black Owned Luxury Brands

Wear Brims

Frances Grey

Tori Soudan

House of Takura


SWAV Eyewear

Linell Ellis

Undra Celeste

4th & Avery




Fe Noel

Armando Cabral

Wales Bonner



Andrea Iyamah

Tsemaye Binite

Ozwald Boateng

Made Leather Co.


Monrowe NYC

Christie Brown

Tony O. Lawson

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        • Because all Skin folk are not Kin folk and if they are not, leave them be. It’s got nothing to do with “not following the herd”. To paraphrase the self-proclaimed “genius”, “unlike slavery, we have a choice here!”

          Great list! Thank you for compiling. I’ve already seen a number of items that I will be buying. However, the list does feel a bit hastily thrown together. Please also add Aphia Sakyi to your list along with the hundreds of other Diasporean designers of African origin operating around the globe. Unless the intent of the list is to focus only on African-American designers? In which case the title should read “African-American luxury brands to support…”

  1. Im a huge Pyer Moss and T–Michael, love the gear they put out. It sucks that a clothing brand like Prada and Gucci are doing stupid stuff like this but, these past few years has let out the crazy. Also another one is or lbehavior. They are a more causal approach but their clothes feel really good.

  2. Supported!

    Black people should start buying brands by black designers because it is one way of shunning the oppression and exploitation of black people and financially empowering black businesses!

    Black businesses should advertise more and support programs that empower black communities!

    It is a two way street!

    Director Of Operations,
    WORLD AFRICAN CONGRESS, @worldafricanunity,

  3. It would be icing if they all used only ethnic models. Which poses the question: do they feel that they have to use white models in their advertisements to make a profit?

  4. This is the first time that I ever heard of these brand and I glad that I know about them now. I never shop at Gucci, Prada or the other brands because those are the brand that my mom and professors been saying that the clothes in those shop were never made for ‘us’ but for ppl that are super thin. Target is now selling shirts with noose picture on it with saying ‘ Hang Loose’, or another store that is selling chain bracelet that looks like the ones that the slave was forced to wear. It is disgusting of how these brands are racially products and think that this generation won’t know this.

  5. I am looking for several things in Los Angeles county area blacked owned nail shops,and clothing etc………..and beauty supplies.

  6. Black designers with white models… miss me with that shit. These are not black designers for they would know the importance of seeing black models with black physique shapes modeling designer clothes for black people. Stop this…

    • I ran into this site accidently, looking for a Gucci color chart! lol! And I’ve gotta say, I was surprised to read this from you about Gucci and Prada, because I never heard that before and I was appalled they would ever leave out black models !

      So I did a little Google search..Does anyone else around here know how to do a Google search? Do you know how to search the internet?

      FYI; BOTH Gucci & Prada use beautiful black models all the time! There’s hundreds of photos of them walking their runways and in their magazines and what I found was just from 2019 alone!

      Also, are you aware that both brands are “made in Italy, and they often use local Italian models? Should I go complain to them because I’m Irish, and they don’t use more leprechauns? lol! Unbelievable! I really think you’ll make yourself feel better if you just do a Google search, or maybe you won’t??

  7. Because unfortunately we jave been conditioned to not support black owned buisnesses but to instead think if its white it must be right dont hate the players hate the game because this is the world we live in and have all equally accepted as normal

  8. Fantastic story angle! The only designer and work that I am familiar with of your list is T-Michael. But, I will check out the others and the many more who have been listed in your comments section. But, here is my only complaint, (or wish). Why are these designers and their wares considered luxury? What are the components, craftsmanship, artistry, etc behind them that justifies their value and a luxury stamp? I would LOVE to see a Black brand that held its own in the ranks of a PRADA, GUCCI, ROLEX, et alia. And with that, I’d like to add my friend’s company:

    Ron Donovan
    Custom/Bespoke Footwear

  9. In an ideal world Blacks would and should boycott all that is white where possible. But in the real world we “Brothers” have family issues. Let’s stop chatting shit and start talking about those issues.
    The only thing we buy off blacks regularly is drugs.

  10. Absolutely love this site! Thank you for contributing to restoring our people BACK to our original greatness!!! LOVE & LIGHT TO EVERYONE!
    Nia Zadzisai CEO @purposecreations

  11. Is there ANY clothing brand out there, that IS NOT selling just skinny pants or jeans. Grown Man cant be wearing that.

  12. All this is absolutely beautiful. Love to see the power of blackness. Our people, our culture and now our brands. Buy black!!!

  13. Are there any BLACK designers who sell clothes normal everyday BLACK people can afford. 500 dollar t-shirts, C’mon people! Luxury I understand, but please stop calling it BLACK empowerment!

  14. Please add some designers that are size inclusive. Some of this list seems to mimic the values put forth by white designers in terms of aesthetics and diversity. Oh and I don’t support designers that are black but you don’t see any black models on their pages or runways. They up there with Yeezy and his classless uncle tomishness.

  15. Thanks for the information of our people, I will be sure to research & purchase items & apparel that I may like. It’s good to know that nice items exist that are made by blacks. I like nice quality items especially made by our people.
    Thanks again!

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