Mommy & Daughter Fitness Team Breaks the Internet

Danielle “Ms.Boston” Jones and her daughter, Honor, have to be the most adorable fitness duo ever. This was confirmed after we posted a video of one of their workouts on our Facebook page and it was viewed over 1 million times in a few days.

We wanted to find out more about this dynamic duo so we we had a chat.

SB: What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

DJ: Fitness has always been a part of my life since I was a child. I was very active. I played basketball, softball, baseball, hockey, horse back riding, karate, you name it. However basketball was my favorite and I continued to play in college.

After I graduated, I continued to go to the gym and I would always get compliments on my body. Woman and men would always ask me for tips.

So in 2008 when I moved to California, I got certified with ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). Next month I will be certified with a personal trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I really enjoy helping people. I’m a people person. I doubled majored in psychology and sociology so it helps. When you’re a trainer you are constantly talking with your clients.

You get to know them on a very personal level. I used to think my degrees were pointless cause I wasn’t using them but I use it everyday in dealing with my clients.

SB: It’s so adorable that you work out with your daughter. What made you decide to add her to your workout videos?

DJ: I purposely involved her in my workouts. It was a fun way of bonding when she was an infant. She really enjoyed it. Then as she got older I would do it next to her while she was playing with her toys and she would laugh.

Then before I knew it I was watching a video back and noticed her in the background trying to do it at 4 months. I couldn’t wait for her to get to this age at which she could actually workout with me.

Before having a child I would workout with my nieces and nephews. If you teach them at a young age about health and taking care of their body it becomes a lifestyle.

I never want my child to be lazy. I want her to be the best she can be in every aspect of life and it starts with taking care of herself.

SB: Many women struggle to lose weight after pregnancy. What advice do you have for those trying to shed the post baby weight?

DJ: Focus on the baby. The weight will come off. Society puts so much pressure on women to look perfect. Enjoy being a mom and all the changes your body is going through.

I breastfed Honor until 16 months so I couldn’t diet at all because my milk depleted. I didn’t worry about my weight. When you’re ready do it with your child.

Have fun with it. I always joke and say Honor made me gain the weight and she’s going to help me lose it. 🙂

SB: Many workout videos claim to give the secret for “Abs in 5 minutes“. What’s the real deal on how to get my abs poppin?

DJ: It’s all diet, abs are made in the kitchen. Consistency, hard work, and eating clean. You can workout all you want if you don’t diet your abs will continue to hide.

SB: What’s the most fulfilling thing about what you do?

DJ: Changing lives one family at a time. I get a numerous amount of messages a day from moms, dads, and even children thanking me for inspiring them.

Expressing how much of an impact Honor and I have had on them and that keeps me going. Not only our workouts but our bond.

I think sometimes as parents we get so caught up on providing for our children that we forget that we are our children’s first role model. The energy they see at home is what they will exert into the world.

Also women that don’t have children yet write to me explaining how because of the way I bounced back they now look forward to having children and know they can to if they put in the work.

I get so many comments saying I’m not a mom yet but when I am you are goals. Nothing is more fulfilling then that.

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-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson aka @thebusyafrican

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