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Former NFL Player Frank Gore Discusses His Debut Boxing Match on the All Boxes Checked Podcast

Former NFL running back Frank Gore sat down for an interview with All Boxes Checked Podcast, National Standard Abstract’s (NSA) new multimedia platform to discuss his career transition, family legacy, advice for pro athletes, and his outlook on the debut boxing match.

frank gore
Former NFL running back Frank Gore, above, will make his boxing debut against former NBA guard Deron Williams. Jose Pineiro/Showtime

Gore, a 16-year NFL veteran and potential Hall of Famer, is a living testament of what it takes to play on the field. Despite the numerous career obstacles and injuries, he ranks third in league history with 16,000 rushing yards. Although Gore has not announced his retirement, he opted not to play during the 2021 season to spend more with his family while exploring his odds with a new sport – boxing – swapping out his cleats for a pair of gloves.

Like many parents balancing a career while building a family legacy, the father of two shared an important decision that he had to make regarding his son’s career aspirations. Being the child of a high-profile athlete comes with many expectations and spectators. 

“Since he was like three or four years old, I knew that he wanted to play ball. As a dad, I never pushed him. I let him enjoy being a child. I knew when he got into high school  his junior year that was when I took him under my wing and let him start training with me,” said Frank Gore Sr. “Don’t try to be me, be the best you can be. He’s been doing it. I just want him to keep his head down and keep working his behind off. Keep having fun.” 

The father-son duo has trained rigorously for years alongside NFL players. Today, his eldest son and namesake, Gore Jr., is a running back for the University of Southern Mississippi. 

frank gore
Lynne Sladky/AP/Shutterstock (Gore Sr.); David E. Klutho (Gore Jr.)

“NFL All-Time Great Frank Gore has such an important voice that we wanted to feature on the All Boxed Checked Podcast because of who he is and what he represents. Frank has heart, persistence, respect for the game and his teammates.

His life experience resonates with so many Black fathers raising sons and doing their best to set the right example. As a father, I recognize the weight of responsibility we shoulder and how crucial it is to create a path that our children can follow to live responsibly and financially free. Our struggles may not be the same, but we share a common goal – legacy building,” said Osei Rubie, president and founder of National Standard Abstract

“Being part of a family that also works together can be challenging at times, especially with a parent-dynamic and societal pressure to follow in their footsteps. However, I would never trade the opportunity to work alongside my dad, mentor, and business partner because the experience is worthwhile.

In the six years since he started National Standard Abstract, we have collaborated on projects to build our communities and generational wealth. We plan to continually open more doors to help break the cycle of poverty holding many families from achieving financial security,” Nadir Rubie, a partner at National Standard Abstract.

frank gore

Although it remains unclear if or when Gore Sr. will return to the game, he is mentoring his 19-year-old son and hopes to do the same for the next generation of NFL players.

“Take it one day at a time. You’ve got to go out there and give it your all because the game can be taken from you. The NFL won’t be promised to you; I had to grind to get it. Don’t listen to anybody trying to judge you just because another man couldn’t do it. It’s all in you. Work your behind off, keep your head down, respect your elders, respect the guys that you’re on the field with, and respect the game. And you can go as far as you want,”  said Gore Sr.

On Saturday, December 18th, Gore Sr. will face former NBA point guard Deron Williams within the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, as the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury. According to Gore Sr., people will be surprised. 

Watch the “All Boxes Checked” interview with Frank here.

frank gore

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