Meet The Black Woman Rocket Scientist who is Building in the Metaverse

Mary Spio is a deep space engineer, tech innovator, and entrepreneur. She is also the CEO and Founder of CEEK VR Inc, a blockchain based streaming service for virtual events and other virtual experiences.

The CEEK VR platform includes a patented VR headset currently available at major retailers like Best Buy and Target. In addition, CEEK VR features artists like Ziggy Marley and much more.

The platform simulates the communal experience of attending a live concert, being in a classroom, attending a sporting event and other ‘money can’t buy’ exclusive experiences with friends from anywhere at any time.

ceek vr

In this interview, with Mary, we discuss:

  • Creating several patented products.
  • Presenting the idea of the metaverse to Facebook in 2015.
  • The role of NFT’s in the metaverse.
  • How her cryptocurrency, CEEK coin helps creators monetize their content.
  • CEEK’s role in the upcoming Black-In Festival.

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Tony O. Lawson

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