Meet The Owner of One of LA’s Most Popular Black Owned Luxury Shoe Cleaning Businesses

Sole Hue is a Black owned luxury shoe cleaning brand based in North Hollywood, CA. This business has become one of the biggest boutique sneaker cleaning services in the LA and the Hollywood area.

Cortini Grange caught up with Sole Hue’s founder, Drew Green to find out more about Sole Hue.

Sole Hue founder, Drew Green

Where did the idea for SoleHue originate?

SoleHue originated in my hometown, Woodbridge, VA when I was a freshman in high school.

Jordan releases in my neighborhood were a big deal on Saturday’s, but my mom couldn’t always afford to buy me new Jordan’s. So, I started charging to clean my friend’s shoes after school. As the semesters went on, I started getting more and more shoe cleaning orders. And, my business mindset grew into an actual company.

The current pandemic has caused a lot of small businesses to take big blows. What has kept SoleHue thriving and what pivots have you made to continue growing during this time?

For SoleHue, our biggest “Big Blows” have come in a more positive light, than negative. We have been able to successfully execute creative marketing techniques that allow us to target a genuine audience, unique to our brand.

It has been rewarding to build professional relationships with clientele that actually needs our services. This pandemic has also allowed me to live, bicoastal, between Los Angeles and Virginia. I appreciate the time to travel back home and connect with the core of SoleHue.

The support I receive back home is different. This has promoted the consistent strengthening of our values. In Addition, this pandemic has brought SoleHue the opportunities to collaborate with like brands who have also needed help staying creative since face-to-face interactions have been halted due to stay-at-home orders.

It’s been a lot of fun finding artful ways to overcome creative blocks. We have some things in the works with Sneakertopia. I can’t wait to share that.

Luxury sneakers have been a part of Black culture for nearly four decades. From Adidas in the 80’s to the rise of Jordan’s in the 90’s and the current Yeezy craze that’s eclipsed in the billion-dollar net worth mark in record time. Now, we even have a “stock exchange” for buying and seeking kicks (StockX). Where do you see sneaker culture going in the future?

I definitely see technology influencing our sneaker world for decades to come! We already see tech designs that include auto-lacing and fitness tracking.

I believe the ability to try on shoes without actually “trying them on” is coming, as well as more advanced tracking capabilities.

Black Owned Luxury Shoe Cleaning

Outside of the SoleHue brand, what is Drew Green engaged in? What brings you joy in the moments when you aren’t working?

Aside from SoleHue, I spend my time using my platform to influence the youth in my community.

I started mentoring a few young adults, I show them the ropes of business and personal success. And, the things that ultimately bring me the most happiness are working to break generational curses while building generational wealth and educating my family on financial literacy through love and by leading by example. These things are very important to me.

I am honored to be a part of such a platform. Thank you for highlighting myself and my business on Shoppe Black.

Black Owned Luxury Shoe Cleaning

Contributed by Cortini Grange

Cortni lives by the personal motto, “wealth, is the ability to fully experience life”. As such, Cortni wears many hats: he is a father, servant leader, social entrepreneur, spiritualist, and a proud Jamaican (which requires a three job minimum to maintain active status).

Cortni infuses his principles, belief, and life experiences into all he does. When Cortni is not doing 1,000 things, you can catch him dancing to Stevie Wonder or Bob Marley in the kitchen with his son Jameson Mosiah, deepening his knowledge of African Spiritual Science, back on his family’s farm in Linstead, Jamaica, or upholding his car freestyle championship belt at all costs.


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