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Perry listed the studio in July for $25 million, but it continues to operate Greenbriar as an extension of its big brother studio at Fort McPherson.

Tyler Perry Just Sold His Former Studio Lot For $18.5 Million

In 2007 Tyler Perry purchased his first studio lot. A year ago, the property was put for sale (for $25 million), so that the company could move to a larger studio on the grounds of an old abandoned Army base (Fort McPherson) located just outside Atlanta. The studio reportedly sold for $18.5 million and closed on Dec. 13, 2018.

tyler perry
Former TPS listed the studio in July for $25 million

The property was purchased by Ozzie Areu, former president of production of Tyler Perry Studios, and his brother, Will Areu. To purchase the complex, the Areu Bros. raised $4.5 million in a recent funding round, according to an SEC filing. According to an Areu Bros. release, they will be the first Latinos to own and run a major film and television studio in the United States. Will Areu will continue to work for Tyler Perry Studios as president of production.

Previously the world headquarters for Delta Airlines, the lot in the Greenbriar area of Southwest Atlanta sits on 60 acres and includes five sound stages, four office buildings (126,000 square feet) with executive offices, post-production facilities, a theater, a commissary, and fitness center.

The studio also has a back lot consisting of a suburban neighborhood with eleven homes and a city street.

Ozzie Areu,(R) former president of production of Tyler Perry Studios, and his brother, Will Areu (L)


Tyler Perry Studios at Ft. McPherson


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