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Daughters of the Diaspora is teaching young Black women about Reproductive Health

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Daughters of the Diaspora

When Shanaye Jeffers was in fourth grade, she often skipped touch football and double-dutch jump rope at recess to read a book on puberty. In fifth grade, she jumped at the chance to do a school project on childbirth. By the time Jeffers got her period in sixth grade, she was already well-versed in reproductive…

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Nenna Joiner explains why Feelmore Adult Gallery is More Than Just a Sex Store

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We are bombarded with images of sex everyday in magazines, on television and the internet. For example, web pages like tubevsex provide adult content that millions of people consume every single day. However, the topic of sex is still considered taboo and is seldom discussed in many circles. One reason might be because of the…

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44 Gift Ideas for Bae on Valentine’s Day

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Before you hit up the usual suspects for your Valentine’s day gifts, check out these Black owned businesses that offer “romantical” products and services.   Gift Ideas for Bae on Valentine’s Day Books P is for Pussy is a raunchy alphabet picture book of double entendres. The creation of artist and curator, Elissa Blount-Moorhead and illustrator…

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