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Loclicious, a Black Owned Natural Haircare Brand Inspired by a Personal Setback

Loclicious is a Black owned natural haircare brand that creates all-natural haircare products for locs, loose naturals, and all hair types.

Black Owned Natural Haircare
Kabi Mickens, founder of Loclicious

In her teens and early twenties, Kabi, the founder of Loclicious, often used relaxers. As a result, she got bald spots on her scalp and could only wear her hair in certain styles to hide them.

She decided to go natural in 2008 after she got pregnant with her first child. Although she was no longer using relaxers, she realized that many of the products that claim to be for natural hair were anything but “natural”.

“As a loc’d sister, I saw that the loc community was underserved in their options. I found that the existing haircare product options were full of harmful chemicals and poor-quality ingredients that at best leave unwanted residue in locs and at worst can severely damage locs/hair.

As a result, it can be very overwhelming and stressful for women who want to start their loc or natural hair journey. I saw a need in the loc and natural hair community, so Loclicious.”

Black Owned Natural Haircare

How do Loclicious products differ from others on the market?

Loclicious Haircare promises a high-quality product for modern men and women of color. Our products are FREE from Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, PEGs, Mineral Oils, and other toxic chemicals. Our products are lightweight, water-based and will not leave residue that causes buildup.

Black Owned Natural Haircare

What are some business accomplishments you’re most proud of so far?

Loclicious was initially only available via our website However, as of September 2022, Loclicous products are now also available on

What advice or tips for others interested in starting a haircare business?

There is a lot to consider when starting a haircare product line. However, the first question to ask yourself is… what business model do you want to go with?

You can decide to self-manufacture products in a private label model (like we did) or you can choose to do a white-label model where you purchase premade products in bulk and brand them with your business name.  Both models have pros and cons but you should choose the model that works best for your business.

What are your future goals?

We look forward to getting our products into retailers like Walmart, Target and Sally Beauty in 2023.


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The Largest Natural Hair Event Just Shut Paris Down

On June 10th, the Natural Hair Academy in Paris held one of the largest natural hair conferences in the world, boasting over thousands of natural beauties and vendors.

Black Enterprise was there to talk about how to feel comfortable in your own skin, but more importantly, what it takes to be unapologetically black.

In addition to a representative from SheaMoisture, panelists included singer, actress, and co-host of the BET Africa TV show, BET A-List, Nandi Madida; acclaimed French pop-soul singer Imany; writer and “image activist” Michaela Angela Davis; and French-Senegalese journalist, award-winning filmmaker, and activist Rokhaya Diallo.

Brands like SheaMoisture, CURLS, Cantu Beauty, The Mane Choice, and Carolina-B also showed up and showed out by giving live hair demonstrations. The informative demos were all about how to best nourish and maintain curly textured hair.

Read the rest at Black Enterprise and Check out this video from last years event.


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8 Black Owned Natural Hair Care Brands from the UK

As more Black women around the world continue to embrace their natural hair, the demand for quality products that make it easier to care for Black hair has increased. Here are some Black owned natural hair care brands that are based in the United Kingdom.

Black Owned Natural Hair Care Brands from the UK

I Love Afro is a family owned company specialising in handmade hair care products using the finest quality ingredients that nourish and encourage soft manageable curls.


Shear & Shine is the UK’s first Black owned grooming brand for Black men. They are committed to redefining the perception of Black men and inspiring them to be the best they can be.


Big Hair Beauty is a natural hair care range for curly, kinky, multi-textured hair. Their products are formulated using natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals and ingredients.


SimplyMoi offers a range of natural hair products including their our line. Their oils are 100% organic and are extracted via cold-pressed methods to safeguard their valuable antioxidants and other nutrients.


TLC Naturals offers products, which are made made in small batches, using simple blends of nutrient-rich & antioxidant-rich plant and fruit ingredients and minimal processing.


The Naturally Made For You products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Their mission is to promote and encourage the use of natural body products to achieve healthy, vibrant looking hair and skin.


Hug My Hair provides premium handmade natural hair products that are organic, Fairtrade and made from unrefined shea butter. 100% Vegetarian.?

14484774_976839019091727_2856550907443072925_nCurly by Nature produces naturally derived hair care treats for genetically curly hair to enhance its health & beauty. Their mission is to serve people with natural solutions that revive the beauty of their hair and dispel the myths associated with curly hair.

Natural Hair


Feature image is of Whitney White: Founder of @MelaninHaircare 

-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson