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Florida Teen Accepted into 27 Colleges, Receives $4 Million in Scholarships

Jonathan Walker, a high school senior from Florida, has been accepted into almost 30 of the most prestigious colleges in the country and has more than $4 million in scholarships offers.

Walker has applied to 27 colleges, and all 27 have accepted him.

“It’s so crazy to think about, that I applied to all these colleges and I got in because that’s such a rare thing to occur. But the fact that it did happen, I’m so excited about it,” Walker said.

Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and Duke were among the 27 schools he was admitted into.

Walker is still trying to whittle down the choices and take a few more college visits, with under a month to make a decision.

“The whirlwind of like decisions coming back, that’s over now. So I’ve just really been trying to soak it in just how much of a blessing that this is that I got into these colleges. So just like sitting back, smelling the roses,” Walker said.

Walker hopes to pursue a career creating medical devices to serve underprivileged communities and he’s already working on multiple patents.

Walker invented a braille system, created an air filter to turn gas emissions into oxygen, and created a pill dispenser to keep track of drugs— on a TI-84 calculator.

Jonathan Walker with his invention

“Right now, I’m very interested in engineering and entrepreneurship. I’ve always loved creating devices to help people so I definitely want to further that,” Walker said. “I’m looking at majoring in electrical engineering and possibly biomedical engineering to hopefully develop medical technology in order to help disadvantaged communities that have health problems.”

He said he’s working with colleges to create his own major.

Walker plans to study engineering, computer science, business and psychology, in hopes of one day creating his own company.

“Jonathan has not been a typical student. He has continued to persevere despite all the challenges that we faced you know with the hurricane,” Rutherford High School IB and AP Coordinator Cathy Rutland said.

Walker has also played on the Rams football team for the past four years while maintaining a 4.85 GPA.

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17-Year-Old Imunique Triplett Completes Nursing Degree Before High School Graduation

Imunique Triplett is a 17-year-old Milwaukee resident who just earned her practical nursing diploma while still in high school.

She is one of the first to complete the nursing track as part of the M³ College Connections program.

M³ (pronounced M-cubed) allows Milwaukee Public School students to enroll in Milwaukee Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee classes, earning credits that count toward their graduation from both high school and college with pathways including nursing, teaching, and general education.

Imunique says she had to juggle her three to four college classes and high school coursework simultaneously including during the height of the pandemic.

Her road to this achievement hasn’t been easy. Her great aunt and great uncle adopted her when she was 10 months to help provide a stable foundation for life and school.

“I work so hard because I’ve seen how people can struggle. I have seen my parents live from paycheck to paycheck and I knew that I wanted to change that narrative,” she said. “I have tried to surround myself with people who inspire me and that I can inspire.”

Students who complete the nursing track can become licensed practical nurses, who often work in extended care facilities or hospitals. They can continue their education to become registered nurses or nurse practitioners who have more responsibilities and higher salaries.

Imunique hopes to become a registered dnurse, but her teachers are confident she could become a nurse practitioner, the highest level of nursing.


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High School Student Offered $7.6M from 149 Colleges

Shariah Edwards, a graduate of Power Center Academy High School, a charter school in Memphis, Tennessee was accepted to 149 colleges across the country.

She was also offered $7,620,548 in scholarship money from the different institutions.


Shariah said she never expected this outcome. All she wanted to do was maximize her options for higher education and relieve the financial burden on her family.

“I feel blessed, I feel like I deserve it, worked so hard these past four years, sleepless nights, a lot of work, work, AP classes, honors classes,” Shariah said.

She is still narrowing down which college she wants to attend, but Tennessee State University is at the top of her list.

As if this isn’t amazing enough, there were a few other “Million Dollar Scholars” and we just had to shout them out also. Their hard work should not go unrecognized.

Mariah Rhodes – $3.8M
Chloe Robinson – $2.8M
LaTyia Smith – $1.8M
Matthew McKnight – $1M


See the rest of the graduation pics on the schools Facebook page here.


by Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson