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Ancient Modern: Designer Hadiya Williams on Her Work and Inspiration

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In 2018, we’re launching a new section: Aesthetics + Design. Our love of architecture, the arts and timeless design is married to our commitment to supporting the brilliant creatives that produce the work that adds value and beauty to our lives. Featuring architects, curators, artists, creators and makers, we’re excited to celebrate those most visually…

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Envisioning Blackness In American Graphic Design: Preface

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Envisioning Blackness in American Graphic Design is an essay written by Maurice Woods. The goal was to identify, from Black culture, an aesthetic in design that is easily recognized as arising from the uniqueness of the Black experience. The pretense is in support of increasing the value of diversity in design. Envisioning Blackness in American…

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Introducing INNERACT PROJECT: Educating the Next Generation of Design Gurus

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Everyone knows there is a huge diversity gap in design and tech fields. What is important to note is that there is very little work being done with underserved youth at a young age to help prepare them and to combat this disparity. Therefore, exposure at a young age is essential. My goal with Inneract…

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