black owned ceramics businesses

Black Owned Ceramics Businesses For Your Space

The world of ceramics is brimming with talented artists, and Black creators are leaving their unique mark on the craft.

From functional mugs to stunning sculptures, Black owned ceramics businesses offer a range of beautiful pieces that elevate your space.

Whether you’re searching for a distinctive gift or want to add a touch of artistry to your home, look no further! Dive into our guide to discover some incredible Black-owned ceramics businesses you should know.

Black Owned Ceramics Businesses

Kera Clay

Black owned ceramics

Virginia Felix is a ceramicist born and bred in Brooklyn, New York exploring the dichotomy between function and form. She designs decorative and sculptural vessels using the unpredictability of clay. Her work ranges from tableware and lighting to creative projects.

The Coy Collection

The Coy Collection is a brand of ceramic tableware designed by artist Sequoyah Johnson. Her collection focuses on bringing joy to everyday rituals through unique, handcrafted pieces.

Ekua Ceramics

black owned ceramics businesses

Sara Ekua Todd is a ceramic artist raised in Belgium and now based in Los Angeles. Her functional clayware exhibits a reverence for shape and surface — and is often bursting with juicy color.

Claude Home

Claude Home is a design gallery that curates and sells unique furniture and home decor. The company was founded in 2018 by Maggie Holladay, a former fashion stylist with an eye for design.

Malene Djenaba Barnett

black owned ceramics businesses

Malene Djenaba cement tiles, which blend contemporary art with traditional craftsmanship, epitomize this vision, adding a sophisticated touch to any space.

Sio Ceramics

Sio Ceramics is a ceramics studio based in Washington, D.C. They create handcrafted small-batch ceramic art that ranges in function and use, from wearable pieces to functional pottery.

Utility Objects Ceramics

Utility Objects Ceramics is a brand of handmade ceramic home goods designed by Aleisha Ellis out of her Atlanta, Georgia studio. Her work is known for its minimalist aesthetic inspired by modern Japanese ceramics.

Porcelain Sneakerhead

black owned ceramics

Porcelain Sneakerhead is the artistic creation of ceramicist London James. She handcrafts incredibly detailed ceramic sneakers, bringing the world of kicks into a unique and long-lasting art form.

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