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Black Boys Don’t Need More Discipline, They Need Mentors

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black boys

When I first met Chris, he was quiet—I could tell he was trying to figure out who I was, and who I could be in his life. The stories I heard about Chris did not align with the boy in front of me. I was told he was constantly removed from class and referred to…

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TheBlackManCan: Promoting Positive Images of Black Men

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Black Men

As a father and husband, I’m often frustrated by the less than flattering ways Black men are portrayed in the media. I’ve grown tired of the constant barrage of images such as the hyper violent thug or the player who is allergic to commitment. There’s obviously so much more to us than that. That’s why I wanted to…

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FLYE is training Young Black Men to Lead and Excel

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FLYE stands for Future Leaders & Young Entrepreneurs. They educate and empower student athletes on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, gentlemanly behavior/etiquette, financial literacy, college preparation and health and wellness. Like Whitney, I believe the children are our future, so I reached out to FLYE’s co-founder, Cortini Grange. This is what he had to say:…

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How GirlTrek Inspired a Love Letter to Black Women

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My interview with GirlTrek is one that has been in the making for a while now—I just didn’t realize it.  My first encounter with them was last year. I was in New Orleans, spending Christmas and ushering in 2016 at the home of my future parents in-law.  I came across GirlTrek’s website while doing research…

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