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Building The First Black-Owned Baby Registry

Tara Darnley is the founder of  Darlyng & Co., an innovative line of baby products and apparel.

Darlyng & Co. is also the first Black-owned baby registry with more than 100 kid’s products and the fastest-growing clean beauty brand with products formulated for locs, Peculiar Roots.

Darlyng & Co. brands are currently sold by retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Sally Beauty, and more.

In this interview, Tara shares:

  • What inspired her to start the business
  • How the business was financed initially
  • Owning ideas and learning how to file a patent
  • Starting the first Black owned baby registry
  • Best practices for operating her business effectively
  • Developing good manufacturer relationships
  • Growing from a team of two to selling in multiple retailers

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-Tony O. Lawson

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