SHOPPE BLACK & SHARK TANK Partner to Discover Black Entrepreneurial Gems

In an extraordinary collaboration that celebrates the convergence of entrepreneurial spirit and television entertainment, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Shark Tank and Values Partnerships to identify exceptional founders for the upcoming season of this groundbreaking show. 

Our goal is to discover and amplify the voices of entrepreneurs who embody the spirit of creativity, determination, and business acumen. We aim to create a powerful pipeline for entrepreneurs who may not have had the same level of exposure or opportunities to reach the broader market.

Fun fact: The first business to pitch and strike a deal on Shark Tank was Black-owned.

This collaboration acknowledges the incredible legacy of Black entrepreneurs and seeks to bridge the gap by identifying outstanding founders from various backgrounds.

So, how does it work? To curate the upcoming season of Shark Tank, we will leverage the marketing expertise and extensive network of SHOPPE BLACK, including the involvement of our investment arm, SBLK Ventures.

By tapping into our strong connections within the Black business community, we will identify promising entrepreneurs who exhibit exceptional potential and closely align with Shark Tank’s casting criteria.

We invite all exceptional founders to seize this incredible opportunity and apply for an opportunity to be cast on Season 15 of Shark Tank.

Complete this form for your chance to pitch at SHOPPE BLACK Pitch Night on June 8th @ 7PM ET

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