She Leads a $20M Investment Fund Focused on Black Tech Founders

In this Black investor spotlight, we’re speaking with Lise Birikundavyi.

Lise is Managing Partner at BKR Capital, a Toronto based, $20 million venture capital fund built to invest in Black founders in the technology space.

When Lise took on this role, she became the first Black woman to lead an institutionally-backed venture capital fund in Canada.

In this interview, Lise shares:

  • What led her to become a venture capitalist.
  • Her view on how capital is dispersed in different regions.
  • An overview of the Canadian VC landscape.
  • Promising markets she’s interested in and why.
  • Advice for those who are interested in starting an investment fund.
  • Whether or not the current economic climate has influenced BKR’s investment strategy.
  • What her game plan would be if she were a startup founder seeking capital.

Tony O. Lawson

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