Alexiou Gibson

Alexiou Gibson Shares How He Grew His Sea Moss Business From Zero to Multi Millions in Less Than a Year

In this Black Founder Spotlight, we’re speaking with Alexiou Gibson. Alexiou is the CEO and Founder of the Transformation Factory, a Florida-based business that produces a line of flavored sea moss.

The Transformation Factory founder Alexiou Gibson accepts offer from Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart on ABC’s Shark Tank to expand health supplement product. (Photo Credit: ABC/Christopher Willard)

🎤 In this interview, Alexiou shares:

  • The health benefits of sea moss.
  • His “Alexiou 2.0” journey after being told that he would not live to see 21 due to health issues.
  • How he grew the company to over $3 million in sales in less than 12 months.
  • His experience being featured on Shark Tank and the effect it had on his business.
  • His strategy for dealing with exponential growth.
  • His thoughts on more entrepreneurs being involved in manufacturing and wholesaling.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow a successful food & beverage business.

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Tony O. Lawson


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