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Black Chefs You Should Know About

Although the number of Black chefs is increasing, there’s still plenty of progress to be made in terms of representation in the culinary industry.

We’d like to take a moment to shout out some chefs who are doing their thing nationally and internationally, paving the way for the next generation of culinary masters.

Black Chefs You Should Know About

Joseph ‘JJ’ Johnson is an award-winning chef at The Cecil and Minton’s

Chef Tunde Wey uses the food of his native Nigeria to start conversations about America and race.

Jamila Crawford Pécou is a celebrated vegan chef with over 15 years of experience. Vegans and non-vegans alike enjoy her unique and delicious twist on healthy eating.

Chef Marvin Woods is recognized for his take on food rooted in northern Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States Low Country.

Bryant Terry is a vegan eco-chef, food justice activist, and author.

Chef David Destinoble promotes the natural beauty of Haitian cuisine shows the youth of Haiti that a career as a chef is obtainable.

Stacey Dougan is a raw and vegan Chef on a mission to heal the world with deliciously, satisfying, tasty plant based foods.

Chef Ahki, CEO of Delicious Indigenous Foods is a celebrity chef, natural foods activist, and nutritional counselor.

Chef Krystal provides a wide selection of delicious vegan meal options inspired by cuisines throughout the world.

Chef Nina Gross has taken what she has learned along the years and added her twist by bringing it from the kitchen to your home, dinner parties and luxurious events.

Chef Marc Lissade is the Executive Chef/Owner of Black Apron Events, a unique Gourmet Tour bringing fourth an exhilarating, thrilling and innovative way to explore the finest taste of French Creole gourmet cuisine.


Rougui Diaof is one of the most respected chefs in France. Her accomplishments stem from many things including her constant reinvention of traditional dishes through her quest for new flavors.


Chef Andrea Drummer makes cannabis-infused meals for medical marijuana patients and recreational weed consumers.

Tanya Holland is the Executive Chef and Owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, CA. Holland is known for her inventive takes on modern soul food, as well as comfort classics.

Nadege Fleurimond creates life moments with lasting impressions through a culinary lens.

Scott Durrah co-owns Simply Pure in Denver, the first black-owned dispensary in the country.  As an Executive Chef, he’s owned and operated 5 restaurants.


by Tony O. Lawson

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