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Black Data Scientist Creates an App For Lending and Borrowing Cryptocurrency


The World Data Science Institute (WDSI) is a research & development fintech agency that offers DSaaS (Data Science as a Service) to companies in the Financial Service Industry.

Think of them as a team of Data Scientists for hire!

WDSI is passionate about sharing how Data science and Financial technology can be used to empower underserved communities worldwide. They have spent the last two years teaching Financial Data Science and Fintech to hundreds of people in several countries.

Now, they are raising a seed round to launch their flagship product, Cryptoshare. Cryptoshare is a crypto lending platform specifically targeted to minorities and underserved communities across the USA, Africa, and South America.

We caught up with founder Anade Davis to learn more about his plans.

What inspired you to start CryptoShare?

I have struggled with either credit and access to funding to grow businesses my entire life. Sometimes I struggled to have access to both at the same time! As I got older and traveled to different countries; I realized how many people were dealing with the same struggles internationally.

The problem is the current global banking and credit system excludes billions of people. One thousand US dollars ($1000) is enough in many countries to jumpstart a business.

I was inspired to create an international peer-to-peer lending solution for people around the world (utilizing Cryptocurrency and ATMs) to have access to funding without having to go through a bank or credit check.

Over a billion people of color around the world do not have access to financial instruments such as credit, banks, and loans. Our users will be able to access immediate funds utilizing Cryptocurrency ATMs, cellphones, and/or computers.

What advantages does Cryptoshare offer borrowers and lenders?

  • Crypto lending is more accessible to everyone since you don’t need to open a bank account, know about your credit score, or consider your income.
  • It is convenient. The only document borrowers will need to provide is their ID.
  • Ability to customize the loan terms to suit lenders’ needs. Both borrower and lender can customize their loan terms according to their requirements.
  • Crypto lending is safer than p2p lending since the loans are backed by crypto assets, which are extremely liquid.

How can people support you right now?

You can support the first African American owned peer to peer cryptocurrency lending company by investing as little as $100 and spreading the word!


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