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Black Owned Plant and Home Garden Related Businesses


Lawn and garden spending set an overall record of more than $52 billion in 2018. According to a report by Tecnavio, The market size has the potential to grow by $2.91 billion during 2020-2024.

Participation by the Millennial generation (ages 18-34) continues to grow at a higher rate than other age groups – now equaling Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and beyond.

Here are some Black Owned plant and home garden-related businesses you can support now.

Black Owned Plant and Home Garden Related Businesses

Planters & Supplies




black owned plant

xN Studio

Natty Garden

Pepper Palm

Ultralight Dreams


Planting With P

Gye Nyame Pots

black owned plant

Barn Owl

Plant Sellers

The ZEN Succulent


My Crazy Plant LifeBotany

black owned plant

deVINE Plantery

Plant + Vessel

Tal & Bert

black owned plant


Crazy Plant Bae

Tennessee Tropicals

black owned plant


Tony O. Lawson

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