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African and African American Entrepreneurs Collaborate to Build a Community in Ghana

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Kofi Anku is a shareholder and board member of Ayi Mensah Park, a vibrant of 200 unit townhouse community nestled at the foot of the Aburi Hills in Accra, Ghana.

This real estate development is the result of the collaboration between Black-owned businesses that operate in Ghana and in the U.S.

In this interview, we discuss:

1) The resources and opportunities available in Ghana

2) The importance and benefits of Black businesses collaborating.

3) Honoring the vision Malcolm X had for Black American and African unity.

African American Entrepreneurs

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  1. Unity is very important in the Black community. We Black folks are on the bottom of the totem pole because we are not unified like other tribes. We have so much potential, but we don’t have the leadership .We excel in every avenue we are aloud to be involved in.We need more visionaries to lead us into a positive future. It will be done on Earth as it is in the Heavens.

  2. Don’t reveal all your Secret Sauce! The enemy is infiltrating everything we attempt to do. Just do it quietly on the first phase. Purge all Haters, Players, and egos.

  3. It will be encouraging,especially when the African American Diasporans start investing in real estate back home in motherland Africa considering the height of human abuses they face over there in America,afterall the forefathers did not came by choice rather where kidnapped and was forced into slavery.

    • It not that Africans in diaspora do not want to invest in their home countries it is most time the home willingness to recognize the the relevance of their children and the amazing contributions they can make to all areas of relevance that maybe of great benefits to all.

  4. I would love if you can contact me directly. I have family and friends in Ghana and we are currently as well planning on coming to Ghana to build. Bringing unity with us. We have land and set ups there now!!

  5. The fight for Black Unity did not start with Malcolm X has mentioned in this article. Yes, I agree that Malcolm X, Minister Farrakhan, Martin Luther King and John Lewis just to name a few did carry the fight in the USA but the real thing started app. 100 years ago by a Jamaican by the name of MARCUS GARVEY. I have to mention this because every article I’ve read by Black Lives Matter they only mention Heroes of the USA.We cannot allow only American names to be mentioned in this fight because we have a duty to educate those who come after us.
    Ghandi of India and Mao of China also used some of MARCUS GARVEY philosophies to uplift their countries and look at the economic success of those countries today. Thank you.

  6. I really love this initiative. Am of Uganda origin with Italian as second nationality and am based in Belgium. I am an award winning entrepreneur and I work with thousands of Uganda farmers and bring our Asante Mama brand of products to the international market. With over 25 years in agribusiness and international trade, I now mentor entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses in Africa, launch their own brands with African products and penetrate both local and global markets. I can be reached at and on FB by Pamela Anyoti Peronaci. Am happy to help other entrepreneurs through my personal success route.

  7. Moving to Ghana in 3 yrs. after retirement. Coming there next year in October for a month. Will be looking into this community.

  8. Fabulous! Our unity will pave roads across mountains. We should however also address a key Achilles heel in Ghana at this time: Integrity. If we take pains to leverage the average Ghanaian’s appreciation of integrity we CAN sustain this move and succeed.

  9. There is no doubt that everything is moving towards Africa now. Even if some Africans are not seeing the vision of building our continent, God Himself will find a way to do it because He is expect in that and He always does that at His own time. When the foreign land we claimed we have naturalized become hot and trouble, we shall think of going back to where we came from. Traveling for green pastures is good and had been approved by God Himself since the time of Abraham but He God definitely brings back His people after they had survived. Let us look at what is happening to Africans all over the world today. It is true that not all of us will go back but some have to definitely go back do something for generations that will not have opportunity to travel out of Africa continent. I want to build a model city in Ghana and need supports from all fields.

  10. This is a good project, Ghana is a great country and the right place for this project. But our major setback in Africa is Unity. We hate on each other so much that Africans find it difficult to see Africa as home. I’m Nigerian, I live in Ghana but it doesn’t feel like home because there’s no unity, I mean we only wish it but we don’t live it. Ghana has achieved peace but love and Unity is yet to be achieved, that can only be achieved if we preach and practice it as Malcolm X did…one love, united Africa!

    • Ernest, your words are so powerful in order for people to come together in unity we need great leaders and that starts right at home with our families. We must being the family unit back and love on are Black men and Woman and children.
      I believe we been though so mush in America and around the world but I never give up I love my people so mush we are truly loving people we will get to that space one day soon God is working on our hearts so we can come back to be the kings and Queens that we are .JW

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