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Black Inventor Creates The World’s First Self Growing Farming System to Combat Food Scarcity and Land Shortage


Darral Addison is a Black inventor with degrees in chemistry and physics. He is also the CEO and founder of Torpedopot™, a company that makes the world’s first self-growing planters.

Torpedopot™ optimizes the conditions in which plants can achieve their full potential and is scientifically designed to grow your plants for you!

In this interview, we discuss how his patented products can address issues such as food scarcity, land shortage, and help individuals grow healthier plants doing less of what we’ve been taught to do.

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Tony O. Lawson

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  2. Torpedopot is a nifty watering system but he uses a lot of mystery to sell it. The seed doesn’t grow itself, the pot just waters it.

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