black owned face mask

Black Owned Face Mask Businesses


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revised its face mask policy and is now urging everyone to wear cloth face coverings in public.

According to their website, “CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”

This announcement has spurred an increase in businesses that offer face masks. Here are some Black Owned Face Mask businesses that are creating face masks for those in need.

We know we missed some and will continue to update the list!

Black Owned Face Mask Businesses

All Things Ankara

House of Nambili

black owned face mask businesses



Printed Pattern People

Black Owned Face Mask Businesses

Mujo Six

Figaro Apparel

Sue Rock Originals



The Happy Mask Store

black owned mask

The Boxing Kitten

Beautiful Curly Me

Ngozika Okeke

NSAA African Creations 


Frank & Myrhh


Eki’s Famous

Crown Inspired

Akese Stylelines

black owned face mask

Veronica Ariel

Candace Cort Designs

NSMITH Collection

Nuri Designs

Sun Gods

Face Masks by MNM

Shukuru Couture


ISG Solutions Group

black owned mask

Mckenzie Liautaud 

black owned mask



Sirani’s Fashion

black owned face mask

The Peoples Mask

Over The Moon


Jaelen of All Trades


Stay safe out there, fam!


Tony O. Lawson

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  1. I tried to find a link to order mask from “ House of Nambili”, there is no link to buy. Please reply with link.

    • I’m not a person of colour but my wife is. We all need to support businesses and people of colour. They are very important to America. I am more actively looking for black owned businesses and to support them.

  2. I like your masks and would like to order afew for my family where do I go to do that Please? How much are you asking for each one and do you offer a quantity discount?

  3. I’m proud to say I bought from two companies on this site today. Thank you for this magazine. It is very much needed. One love…

  4. I’m proud to say I bought from two companies on this site today. Thank you for this magazine. It is very much needed. One love…

  5. Thank you for this list! I’ve bought masks from three companies you listed and have shared them with my family. I appreciate the effort that went into creating this. 🙂

  6. How do you order the masks I am so confused. You show the models wearing the masks but, do you have a link where I can order them???

  7. Hello, My name is Jeana Sparks I see your nice masks but, how do I order the masks.
    It doesn’t make sense to me to see the masks but, cannot order them.

  8. This is great! Is there any way we could see on the post where these companies are based? I’d love to support someone local (Tulsa, Oklahoma)!

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