Black Owned Satin Bonnet

Black Owned Satin Bonnet Brands That Aren’t Charging $98


According to NiteCap Founder Sarah Marantz, she came up with the idea for a satin bonnet “after much consideration, conceptualization, brainstorming and borderline obsessive research.”

black owned satin bonnet brands
NiteCap Founder Sarah Marantz

Fortunately, for Black women everywhere, someone else had the bright idea of creating appropriate sleepwear to keep their hairdos intact. Black Owned satin bonnet brands have existed for ages. Here are a few of our faves for Black girls who considered hair bonnets when sleeping on their hands wasn’t enough…

Black Owned Satin Bonnet Brands

Regal Ivy

Beautiful Curly Me


ID Noble


Black Owned Satin Bonnet

Purrty Dimples

Peace Crown’d

Beauty Marked & Co

Natural Hair Shop

Eboni Curls

Glow by Daye

FlorBella Boutique

Goodnight Hair Bonnets

Grace Eleyae

Black Owned Satin Bonnet

Natural Born Hats

Isoken Enofe

Black Owned Satin Bonnet

Loza Tam

Creations By Shirelle

Headdress by Sheri

Special thanks to Kami (@frobunni) and the Professional Back Girl (@professionalblackgirl) followers for helping us compile this list! It takes a village!

-Tony O. Lawson 

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  1. Will there be a UK or EU edit of your black businesses lists? I’m a fan and a subscriber and it would be great to know if there area any plans to extend to our side of the atlantic.

  2. I tried ordering from Angel Bonnets over a month ago and my PayPal was charged, but I have no confirmation to whether my order has been started or shipped. Tried emailing, contacting on website, and on Facebook and zero communication. If anyone has more information about this company could you let me know?

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