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12 Black Owned Greeting Card and Gift Wrapping Companies

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Tis the season to support Black owned greeting card and gift wrapping companies! If you know of any other businesses that we should consider, let us know!

Black Owned Greeting Card and Gift Wrapping Companies

Midnight Reflections

black owned greeting card

Addie Rawr 


Fresh Out The Coccoon

Phoenix Jai

Greentop Gifts

Lifes Paper

It’s A Black Thang

African American Expressions

Sweet Potato Paper


Afro Paintings

-Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson  (IG@thebusyafrican)


    • I agree. I want the same quality of cards that I get at Hallmark, why is that difficult? I find that my African American card options often appear of poor quality and inferior in design. I would love to support black businesses, however, I require superior quality in any products that I purchase.

  1. The best way to support a Black Owned company so they can grow and improve is to shop with them!

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