Black Owned Vegan

Black Owned Vegan Businesses You Should Know


As more people associate eating vegan with health and fitness, more businesses catering to the consumer in search of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. Here are a few Black owned vegan businesses that can cater to that need.

Black Owned Vegan Businesses

Azla Vegan (Los Angeles, CA)black owned vegan

Simply Wholesome (Los Angeles, CA)

NuVegan Cafe (Washington, D.C.)

Evolve Vegan Restaurant (Washington, D.C.)

Senbeb Cafe (Washington, D.C.)

Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar (Washington, D.C.)

​​Drop Squad Kitchen (Wilmington, DE)


Eden in Eden (Miami, FL)

Tassili’s Raw Reality (Atlanta)

Loving It Live (East Point, GA)

Majani Restaurant (Chicago, IL)

Deelish by Deedi (Baltimore, MD)

Land of Kush (Baltimore, MD)

​​Detroit Vegan Soul (Detroit, MI)

​​Simply Pure (Las Vegas, NV)

Blueberry Cafe Juice Bar & Grille (Newark, NJ)

Seasoned Vegan (New York, NY)

Greedi Vegan (Brooklyn, NY)

Two Vegan Sistas (Memphis, TN)

The Southern V (Nashville, TN)

Green Seed Vegan (Houston, TX)

Sunshine’s Deli (Houston, TX)


Plum Bistro (Seattle, WA)

222 Vegan Cuisine (London, UK)

Yummy Dishes (Mississauga, ON)

Stuff I Eat (Inglewood, CA)

First Batch Artisian Foods (Atlanta, GA)

Sweet Soulfood (New Orleans, LA)

Brown Sugar Baking Company (Seattle, WA)

Bam’s Vegan (Dallas, TX)

V-Eats (Dallas, TX)

Recipe Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX)

Vegan Vibrationz (Dallas, TX)

Soulgood (Dallas, TX)

Slutty Vegan (Atlanta, GA)



-Tony O. Lawson

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  1. This is awesome. Sunshine’s is listed twice and they’re actually vegetarian. Houston does have a couple new spots though. If food trucks don’t count, then you can at least add Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen

  2. Is there any lace in the metropolitan area, STL Vegan stores, shops, hair suppliers, cleaners, grocery stores etc.

  3. Don’t forget Soul Vegetarian in Chicago, Illinois (there’s one in Atlanta, and one in Tallahassee, also). They’ve been around for decades and they have always been vegan (and delicious and amazing).

  4. I agree Stuff I Eat should be on the list. Also, Simply Wholesome is not a vegan business. Will have to check out some of the other places listed.

  5. There is a Vegan restaurant, Black owned in Jonesboro, GA. called Nut Cafe. The food is incredible!! Fresh, delicious, etc. Only been opened for 6 months. I am a customer.

  6. Vegan International Co. – Tampa FL
    Go Vegan Grill – Decatur, GA
    Plant Based Pizzeria – Atlanta, GA
    Vegan Dream Doughnuts – Atlanta, GA
    Viva La Vegan – Atlanta, GA
    Seasoned Green – Tampa, FL
    Vegan Fine Foods – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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