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Black Owned Tattoo Studios You Should Know


For many of us, a tattoo is a way to express ourselves. It is a symbol of our love for certain symbols, people and things that we consider significant. Although there are a growing number of Black tattoo artists, there aren’t nearly as many Black owned tattoo studios.

We’ve listed a few from New York to South Africa and in between.

Black Owned Tattoo Studios

Tri Cities Tattoo (East Point, GA)

Think Before You Ink (Jamaica, NY)

City of Ink (Atlanta, GA)

Black Spade Tattoo (Las Vegas, NV)

Boneface Ink (Pensacola, FL ) 

Black Ink (Atlanta, GA)

black owned tattoo

Ethel Tattoos (Johannesburg, SA)

Soweto Ink (Johannesburg, SA)

Aart Accent Tattoos & Body Piercing (New Orleans, LA)

Da Candy Shop (Arlington, TX )

Tapout Tattooing (Houston, TX)

Royal Flush Tattoos (Memphis, TN)

One Drop Ink Tattoo Parlour and Gallery (Nashville, TN)

Black Crystal Ink Tattoo (Johannesburg, SA)

Hummingbird SA Tattoo Studio (Gauteng, SA)

black owned tattoo

True Black Body Arts Studio (Johannesburg, SA)


-Tony O. Lawson


Cover image credit @afrohemian

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  1. It’s a bit curious that neither of the shops featured on Black Ink/Chicago were included on this list.

  2. Hello I live in the UK and I am very much interested in opening an account with a black owed bank. Can you point me in the right direction.

  3. looking for a tattoo artist that doesnt get emotions mixed up with their work, that knows what kind of tattoo you need as soon as you walk in -Tone Slicka

  4. Black excellence in tattooing deserves more attention. These artists come from cities around North America and their styles couldn’t be more varied. However, as black artists in an industry too often thought of as by and for white people, they share a universal experience and make a powerful statement to aspiring tattooers: follow your creative inspirations, and people will recognize your talent.

  5. Hi, Awesome Ink Studios is an amazing experience with first class artists in Midtown, Atlanta GA, founded and run by Jimmy “Inkman” Coney. Black owned and operated.

  6. Visions Tattoos owned by @joevisionstattoos (IG) is a beautiful black owned tattoo shop in Charlotte.

    Diamond Cut Tattoo Company in Columbia, SC owned by @leftyunz (IG) is another amazing black owned tattoo shop as well.

    Enjoyed the article. Thanks for beginning light to some spots I had not heard of as a person who loves tattoos. – @luvleehpoetiklocks

  7. Thank you for this! Tattooing is very ritualistic and it’s important to do it with people that you can identify with or better yet those who can identify with you. I’ve gone into shops and couldn’t find any black skin in the portfolio – a little nerve racking.

    Is there anything in the Mid West? Colorado? Areas that aren’t as saturated with black culture that could be highlighted? I have yet to find a black owned shop or a black tattoo artist in this area.

  8. Bryan
    If it’s not to late. Try Lucky Stripe Tattoo in San Diego. You’re looking for a beautiful Woman named Ghenghis McCampbell. She has done several pieces for myself and my sister. Including my sisters entire back piece. She specializes in dark skin but she can do everything and she is amazing!!! Best of luck.

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