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Black Owned Cannabis Businesses & Professionals


Black owned cannabis businesses make up a reported one percent of the legal cannabis industry. Despite the lack of diversity, there are more Black business owners, organizations and professionals involved than you may think. Here are just a few:

99th Floor is an edibles company that produces a line of “curated cannabis cuisine” and hosts exclusive dinner parties.


Simply Pure strives to inspire the evolution of cannabis through education, safe products, cooking and food.


Viola Extracts turns medicinal cannabis into shatter, wax or live resins and other products.

District Growers is a registered medical cannabis cultivator based in Washington DC


Budding Solutions 

black owned cannabisArt 420

The American Cannabinoid Clinics are America’s first, full-scope Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine clinics Co-Founders: Jessica Knox, MD, M.B.A. and Rachel Knox, MD, M.B.A.

black owned

Minorities for Medical Marijuana is a non Profit organization focused on providing marketing, education, and outreach to minority communities on the social, healthcare, political, and business aspects of the medical marijuana industry. Founder/Executive Director: Roz McCarthy


The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is a family owned & operated Tier III producer and processor located in Western Washington. Co-owner: Raft Hollingsworth

black owned

Comfy Tree offers entry-level cannabis training, consulting and resources on how to enter and operate in the cannabis industry, regardless of your location’s current legal status. Co-Founder: Tiffany Bowden


Panacea Valley Gardens is a family owned cultivation center and boutique edibles line serving cannabis patients in Portland, OR. Owner: Jesce Horton


CannaCtrl is a mobile state compliant point-of-sale solution for cannabis dispensaries and delivery drivers. Founder: Rob Gillett


EstroHaze is a digital platform that shares information on the business of #weed –from business opportunities, scientific breakthroughs, and amazing discoveries in the bursting cannabis industry.



The Apothecarry Case is a high-end luxury case made to keep weed at its freshest and most optimum conditions, whether you medicate daily, socially, or only on special occasions. 


Mary and Main is Maryland’s first Black-owned dispensary for medical patients who are suffering from a number of chronic debilitating illnesses. Founder: Hope Wiseman


Tony O. Lawson

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