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7 Websites That Pay You for Daily Activities

Did you know that there are websites that pay you to complete small tasks or use your existing skills? Most people are aware of online freelance opportunities.

However, receiving payment for tasks or abilities is not always synonymous with freelancing. It, on the other hand, is something you can do on the side of your regular job—and you don’t need a degree or any specific talents to get started!

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading! After all, who doesn’t like to make a bit of extra cash from time to time?

Where to Find Websites That Pay You Daily

Because individuals have different demands on their time, you may find that not every one of the sites listed here will fit into your daily schedule.

However, one of the great things about these sites is that you don’t need to devote too much time to them. Many of these tasks can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less, or they involve steps that fit right into your normal routine. Let’s check out a few of them!


Do you have an eye for photography but aren’t interested in doing it professionally? Some websites pay you for your photos!

Foap is one of those sites. Upload your best photos and receive $5 for each one you sell! Another site, Snapwire, is based on fulfillment. So clients can request the type of image they want, and you can upload one you think they might like.


Fiverr is a popular platform that allows people to search for services they require, such as graphic design or jingle writing, and find someone offering that service for a fee. Since all transactions are handled through the Fiverr platform, you don’t need to worry about completing work and then not being compensated for it. Whatever you’re great at can be listed on Fiverr!

People per Hour is a similar site in concept where you can create a profile page listing the services you provide, and potential clients can find you when they’re searching for a specific service.

If you’re looking to provide handwork locally, consider using Handy to promote yourself. Whether you’re interested in cleaning, doing lawn work, or general handyperson jobs, you’ll be sure to find someone who is looking for your services!

UI Testing

New apps, software products, and websites are being created every single day. All those new platforms require real people to test them out in order to make sure that the user experience is intuitive and friendly.

With Enroll, you can be a tester to provide feedback to developers on what’s working and what could be improved. And it’s not the only one: TryMyUi and User Testing both offer monetary incentives for testing out new sites.


-Tony O. Lawson


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