Upsie Raises $18.2 Million To Offer Lower Priced Consumer Warranties

Upsie is a more affordable warranty option for your electronic devices, appliances, and fitness equipment. They offer the same warranties and coverage as other companies and cost up to 70% less.

“I’m sure you’ve walked into a Best Buy or a Target, and when you’re checking out somebody at the register is offering you a warranty. But what most customers don’t know is that you’re paying as much as 900% more for that warranty than you should,” Upsie founder Clarence Bethea told TechCrunch.

Upsie founder, Clarence Bethea

“There’s no transparency at the register and you never get to ask what’s covered and what’s not covered, or what should you do if you need to make a claim.”

Upsie just finalized an $18.2 million Series A round that Bethea hopes will encourage other Black founders.

“Getting more dollars to Black and Brown founders is always top of mind in conversations—there’s still such a deficit,” Bethea said. “Today represents that it’s possible.”

True Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based firm, was the lead investor in the round. Other Twin Cities-based firms such as Matchstick Ventures and Bread & Butter Ventures also participated.

Tony O. Lawson

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