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Couples, Inc. : Cee and Malcolm own a Hemp Farm in North Carolina

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Hemp Farm

The 2018 US Farm Bill has now legalized commercial production of hemp. Hemp farmers across the country are now working to fit into a rapidly growing billion dollar industry. Green Heffa Farms is an industrial hemp farm dedicated to growing high-quality strands for a global market. We spoke to owners Clarenda “Cee” Stanley-Anderson and her husband, Malcolm Anderson Sr. to find…

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Durham Aims to Preserve The Black Wall Street Legacy With an Ownership Program

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black wall street

Durham, N.C., was once known nationally for its “Black Wall Street,” a cluster of flourishing Black owned financial institutions and businesses that sprang up around Parrish Street during the Jim Crow era, including some iconic insurance and finance firms such as Mechanics and Farmers Bank and North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company. With 1960s urban…

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17 Black Owned Businesses in North Carolina

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North Carolina

North Carolina is home to many amazing Black owned businesses. here are a few! Let us know which others there are! Black Owned Businesses in North Carolina BW Sweets Bakery is a full service bakery offering a complete product line of all things sweet and delicious. SALTBOX Seafood Joint( Durham) offers seasonal, fresh seafood that is delivered…

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