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Black Owned Essentials For March 2024

Check out our list of Black owned Essentials for March!

This month, elevate your grooming routine, adorn your mane with unique accessories, and find activewear that keeps you stylish and comfortable.

We’ve also included a brand of children’s products, a luxurious skincare line, and a convenient, delicious breakfast option.

Black Owned Essentials For March


Black Owned Essentials for March

ICONI is an activewear line that is equal parts fashionable and functional. From stylish matching sets to T-shirts for men and women, there’s a range of pieces to choose from, whether you’re looking for squat-proof leggings or a new workout tee.


Zigleys elevates the art of hair adornment for locs, braids, and twists. Their handcrafted jewelry, made from 18-karat gold and diamonds, transforms everyday hairstyles into luxurious statements.

The Cut Buddy

The Cut Buddy Founder Joshua Esnard on the Rise of the Best-Selling Hair Tool

The Cut Buddy is a tool designed to help you achieve a clean and defined beard or hairline at home. It acts as a template or guide, allowing for precise lining up of hair clippers, trimmers, or razors.

Tom Bullock’s Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Black Owned Essentials for March

Enhance your bartending prowess with Tom Bullock’s 5 pc. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this set ensures quality, convenience, and the perfect mixology experience.

Brown & Coconut

Brown & Coconut’s earthy clay mask is infused with deeply purifying plants and herbs that combine forces to calm and clear congested skin.


Spoonful offers convenient, grab-and-go breakfast solutions. Their specialty is pre-made overnight oats packed with natural ingredients, superfoods, and designed for a healthy and delicious on-the-move meal.

Afro Unicorn

The Afro Unicorn brand celebrates Black culture through empowering children’s books and a vibrant collection of clothing, accessories, and party supplies.

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Black Owned Essentials for October 2023

We’re excited to showcase our October edition of remarkable Black-owned “Essentials”.  Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly products for your space, stylish fashion, or natural beauty products, you’re sure to find something special in this collection.

Each brand in this month’s list carries a unique story, reflecting the dedication and passion of its founders. By supporting these businesses, you’re not only helping them to thrive, but you’re also contributing to a more inclusive and equitable economy.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight more Black-owned brands in the months ahead!

Black Owned Essentials for October 2023


Balacia is a Dallas, Texas-based custom engagement ring and gift set company. They offer a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry, all at affordable prices. Balacia is known for their high-quality diamonds and moissanites.

Daily Paper

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam-based fashion and lifestyle brand. Inspired by the African roots of the founders, the label is known for its ready-to-wear garments and accessories for women and men.


Reel toilet paper is made from bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource that requires less water and land to grow than trees. It is also free of dyes, inks, and fragrances, and is packaged in 100% plastic-free packaging.


Pagerie is an ultra-luxury fashion house for pets. Pagerie offers a wide range of accessories for dogs, including collars, harnesses, leashes, and toys. The brand is known for its high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and stylish designs.

Berry Bissap

Berry Bissap honors and preserves the traditional recipe of bissap with their own twist. Their ingredients are all-natural, plant-based, caffeine-free, ethically sourced, and free from chemicals, and artificial coloring. 


eu2be is an award-winning skincare brand known for its nutrient-rich biomimetic carrier oils designed to support skin barrier health and well-being for all bodies and skin types.

Blackballed Golf

Blackballed Golf is a clothing and lifestyle brand that offers high-quality, stylish golf apparel. In addition to its clothing line, they also offer a variety of other products including golf bags.

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Black Owned Headwear Brands You Should Know

Headwear is an essential part of any outfit and can be used to make a statement or simply to add some extra style. If you’re interested in adding some unique pieces to your headwear collection, there are plenty of Black owned headwear brands to explore.

From fedoras to bucket hats, these brands offer a wide variety of styles and designs that are sure to suit any taste.

Black Owned Headwear Brands

Dungeon Forward

Dungeon Forward is a purveyor of precision designed innovative headwear. Founded in 2007 by architect David Castro, their mission is to inspire, uplift, enlighten, and tell authentic cultural stories by crowning the culture.

Wear Brims

black owned headwear

Wear Brims was founded on basic principles that are at the core of every decision and every design. Faith, Family, Confidence.

Frances Grey

Frances Grey is a line of custom, statement hats designed with a bold and creative sensibility. Designed by Debbie Lorenzo, each design embodies simplicity and timeless sophistication.

Nicholas Daley

black owned headwear

Nicholas Daley is a London-based menswear designer who explores the interplay of fashion, music, and culture. Daley builds a label around diversity, inclusion, and community while creating space for a multicultural British identity to unfold.


Monrowe is a unisex line of ready-to-wear hats, made in the USA and created for the bold at heart. More timeless than trendy, the brims blend nuances from ‘40s and ‘50s Jazz Era styles with classic Western shapes and contemporary elements.

Fruition Hat Company

Fruition Hat Company is a lifestyle hat brand that encourages freedom of expression through style and accessories; no boundaries attached.  The only rule: Be you, Be True.

Nappy Head Club

Nappy Head Club is known for its trend-savvy, inclusive clothing, where thoughtfully designed wearable affirmations create a rare opportunity to affirm Black identity through fashion.

FlameKeepers Hat Club

FlameKeepers Hat Club is a Harlem-based, upscale hat store that offers an array of sophisticated hats in many styles.


Uptown Yardie

Uptown Yardie wool Felt Crowns are made and hand finished in London, constructed on hat blocks with an internal elastic band, for fit and comfort.

by Tony O. Lawson

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