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Black Interior Designer Spotlight: Bailey Li

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Black Interior Designer

Bailey Li is an interior designer and decorative artist based in Orange, New Jersey. She discovered her passion for decorating while working as a Real Estate agent. Drawn to the architecture and character of historical homes, she began providing home staging services to homeowners that were looking to sell. What inspired you to get into…

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15 Black Owned Home Decor Companies

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The home decor market is growing at a steady pace. This is partly due to a relatively strong real estate market and the fact that nowadays, everyone from millennials and Generation X-ers, wants to personalize their home and office spaces. Black owned Home Decor Companies that can offer quality and convenience to savvy consumers like…

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Envisioning Blackness In American Graphic Design: Preface

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graphic design

Envisioning Blackness in American Graphic Design is an essay written by Maurice Woods. The goal was to identify, from Black culture, an aesthetic in design that is easily recognized as arising from the uniqueness of the Black experience. The pretense is in support of increasing the value of diversity in design. Envisioning Blackness in American…

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