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How to Grow Your Food Services Business Using Small Business Loans

Is your food truck, restaurant, catering company, or grocery store doing well this season? Are you thinking of expanding your business?

In this scenario, small business loans might help you buy equipment, hire personnel, expand your business, or pay your bills during a sluggish period. Read on to know about expanding your foodservice business using small business loans.

Listed here are some of the ways in which you should utilize your small business loans to help your food services business develop.

Purchase Inventory

Small business loans allow you to purchase supplies as needed, so you won’t have to worry about running out of inventory. This way, you’ll also have better control over your operations and can fulfill your customer’s needs smoothly.

Hire Employees

If you’re taking a loan to expand your business, you’ll need to ensure you have a staff that can handle the increased workload. Hiring competent employees with prior catering expertise will enable you to serve more customers and deliver the most satisfactory service possible. Furthermore, you might use the loan to train your personnel in areas like customer service, event planning, and food and beverage management.

Prioritize Technology

Although you have a talented team, it’s worth thinking about how technology may make your processes more efficient and easy. You can use your loan to pay for automated technology, like inventory management, cloud computing, and scheduling software.

These technologies will enable you or your team of talented professionals to manage fewer administrative activities, allowing you to focus on more important commitments. Additionally, tech solutions like delivery and tracking apps played a pivotal role in helping businesses offer takeout and curbside pickup options to customers.

Invest in a Marketing Strategy

Even if you have the means to cater more events, your food business will not develop unless you attract new customers. To accomplish so, you’ll have to invest in marketing tactics that will assist you in locating and promoting your ideal customers. You can get a loan to pay for marketing materials or outsource projects to a professional agency.

Purchase or Lease a Vehicle

Before buying a van, consider whether you need numerous vans, built-in storage for food trays, or refrigeration for traveling with prepared food.

Purchasing a new vehicle with a business loan is a wise investment for your catering company. Having a dependable vehicle with the capacity and features you require means you’ll be less likely to be late for events and to arrive with food in perfect condition.

Expand into a Commercial Space

A commercial kitchen will allow you to prepare for more significant events, purchase larger culinary equipment, and store more supplies.

Furthermore, having a physical address for your company can help potential customers see you as a legitimate business. This makes them more likely to hire your services.


Lendistry’s diverse financial solutions provide small food services businesses with the affordable capital they require to expand and serve their communities. If you’d like to learn more, call them at 888-594-7270 or contact them online!

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