black friday

Black Love is the exchange that happens when likeminded people – what we call our village – come together, spread love, resources, ideas and affirmation. Black & Sexy TV is all about that. Giving thanks for our homieloverfriends over there who are Spreading Black Love AND Money, each and every day.

“We have to live in this country and participate in it’s economic ecosystem like everyone else, but we are not helpless. You most likely work or are in business with a white owned entity. We cannot escape all association or control every dollar we make or spend. But what we can do is look at it in a holistic way by propping up black owned businesses every chance we get. Online and off. Not just on Black Friday but EVERYDAY. Just think before you spend — can this dollar go to a black owned business? Imagine if one thing we purchased everyday was from a black owned business? Just one thing! It’s powerful and will change our economic landscape and mindset if everyone made it their duty to just make that one thing a daily habit. More black business would pop up just from the demand. And it’s so simple. It’s not even that big of a stretch. Our own family at Black&Sexy is exploring the concept of buying black 365. It only makes sense, right? Start here by TAGGING your favorite black owned businesses. We got one – our friends at @shoppeblack A well curated blog promoting the unifying concept of buying black globally. Visit them at ???‪#‎blackdollarsmatter‬ ‪#‎buyblack‬ ‪#‎blackandsexytv” – Black & Sexy, November 27, 2015

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