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Adenah Bayoh to Serve Free Breakfast & Lunches at Her 3 IHOPs and Guarantee 2 Weeks of Pay for Her Workers


Restaurateur and real estate developer Adenah Bayoh announced yesterday that she will be providing free take-out breakfast and lunch on weekdays at her 3 IHOP locations, Paterson, Newark, and Irvington, NJ every day until school reopens.

adenah bayoh
Adenah Bayoh

Starting March 19th, families in need can pick up pancakes for breakfast from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. and sandwiches for lunch between 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. While this measure is to provide for children who are out of school and have therefore lost access to breakfast and lunch, any individual who is in need during this crisis can take advantage of this opportunity.

“The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the most vulnerable people in our society,” remarked Adenah Bayoh, Founder of Adenah Bayoh & Companies. “I grew up in communities where I learned that nothing is more important than taking care of each other.

No child should go without a meal because schools are closed. No adult should be hungry while navigating the risks of a global pandemic. It is my pleasure and privilege to serve the communities that have been so integral to the success of my businesses.”

Adenah is also working with Irvington Councilwoman Jamillah Z. Beasley, to deliver free meals to seniors in Irvington. While all of Adenah’s businesses, including the 4 New Jersey and Pennsylvania locations of her Cornbread restaurants, will be on limited operations for the next 2 weeks, she has guaranteed that all of her employees will be paid, whether they are able to work or not.

adenah bayoh

She has tasked her general managers with ensuring that employees have everything they need including shift adjustments if they have childcare conflicts while school is out.

adenah bayoh
“Unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions,” added Adenah. “This is a moment for businesses to step up and give back to the communities that support us every day. As business owners we must invest in the safety and security of the places we call home, and ensure that all of our people survive this crisis.”

Whether it is her annual “Breakfast for Dinner” event where she serves 750 families at her IHOP locations every December, or hosting Thanksgiving dinner for Newark families, Adenah makes it a priority to serve the communities where her businesses are located.


-Tony O.Lawson


  1. I’m happy to promote your acts of loving kindness. Giving back is so rewarding!
    May you continue to be blessed.

  2. I am in full support of the compassionate acts of kindness Adenah Bayoh is championing deeply from her spirit. During Women’s HERstory Month Adenah Bayoh also too is highly celebrated as an African entrepreneur initiating such great community service??

  3. I first met Ms. Bayoh during Hurricane Sandy. Working for FEMA we took up a post in her Irvington IHOP and were there the duration of the Hurricane. The exceptional service there laid the foundation for a relationship that has lasted these last 8 years, as my family and I have become IHOP regulars. I am pleased to have the opportunity to reflect on my positive experience at her Restaurants. Congratz on the new Restaurants downtown and know that our support of all of your Restaurants will continue.

  4. I thank that is very kind and passionate of her. And GOD BLESS HER and everyone in the community that are reaching out to help through this time of panic. Thank you. I’m from Asheville NC but even just reading this. It’s a blessing to have someone like you.

    • I’m very excited about how you helping everybody in time of needs I wish the owner of the restaurant where I work at can feed or help the Community here in North Dakota that’s is why I cook at home so I can help feed the Community one day I will own my restaurant keep on helping your Community god bless you

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