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Meet the Youngest Beauty Supply Store Owners in California

According to the Beauty Supply Institute, the beauty supply industry generates about $15 billion per year. Although 96% of the customers are Black, less than  3% of ownership within the industry is Black.

Breaking into the beauty supply industry is no small accomplishment. That’s why we were thrilled to discover that Kayla Davis, 19, and Keonna Davis, 21 had opened their own beauty supply store, KD Haircare Supply.

We had a chat with them and this is what they had to say:

SB: How did KD Haircare Supply get started?

KD: We started planning in the summer of 2014 and launched our online website in March 2015.

SB: What made you decide on the beauty supply industry specifically?

KD: We did some research on the hair industry and since one of us is natural and the other wears weave, we figured why not begin a natural & weave beauty supply store. We knew it was a good idea since our area lacks the natural products that are popular in the south and on the east coast.

SB: Do you have to juggle school or any other obligations?

KD: When we began, Keonna was out of school and Kayla was a high school senior. The business was online so it pretty much ran itself.

To effectively manage our time, we have to schedule events on days when we are closed or request coverage from other individuals. Mainly, we just focus on our storefront and attend social or personal activities outside of business hours.

SB: How is it working with a sibling?

KD: Well, very funny question! As siblings, we know each other too well. We have different strengths and we seem to be able to fall into our roles to take care of business related tasks. We find that working with each other is probably easier than working with someone else.


SB: How has your age either helped or been a challenge as business owners?

KD: In the beginning, a lot of people probably didn’t take us seriously. Getting a lease was interesting because we’ve never had a storefront and owners were reluctant to lease to us.

However, our mom stepped in to help with that. She assured the owner that we were serious and able to handle our obligations.

We believe our age is the main reason for the social buzz now. Our community and the community across the country have been very supportive and we love it!

SB: Who or what inspires you? 

KD: Our community inspires us to do our best and to continue on our business journey. Our mother also told us to be self employed and that there’s nothing more fulfilling than working for yourself. Being in the beauty supply industry has given us a sense of pride in ownership due to all the support.
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SB: What are your plans for KD Haircare supply?

KD: We hope we’ve just scratched the surface. We have plans to expand into different locations. We’re not sure if we will franchise but we plan on having more than one location.

SB: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs or people who want to start a business?

KD: We would tell them to be persistent, to research their market before jumping into it, and to network with other individuals in their industry. We also would say not to be discouraged because people will say no. But, if they feel their vision is what they want to pursue, then pursue it. Never say “I can’t “. Remove those words from your vocabulary.
KD Haircare Supply LLC is located at 4453 Sunnymead Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

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