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Using Public Relations to Promote Your Business

Using public relations to promote your business can help ensure its success. It’s important to promote your business using the right tools and resources. Over half of a million businesses are created every year. What sets yours apart from the others? How will you effectively reach your audience? Do you know who your audience is? Hiring a publicist to develop a robust PR plan can help you achieve the overall goal you have in mind.


What steps will a publicist take to facilitate great results for my business?

Your publicist will be your guide throughout the journey of starting and growing your business. He or she will have an in-depth conversation with you to learn about your business. You both will discuss short and long term goals, tone of messaging, target audience, target media, strategies and tactics to use, timelines, measurements to determine success, and more.

The publicist, for example, PR agencies philippines that you select should be able to do more than just write content to promote your business. They should be able to pull together all of the necessary tools of public relations to promote your business. As your guide, that person will consult with you about how to leverage social media to obtain results. Not all social media sites are created equal. Knowing which one(s) to use for your business will enhance your brand identity.

public relations to promote your business

Together, you and your publicist will decide what type of content to write, how often, and where it will be published. Should your publicist interview customers for success stories? Do you have a product line that requires detailed explanation in a bylined article? Is a press release recommended for certain announcements? Your publicist will be your content and lead generator. The content he/she creates will generate leads for your business, positioning your brand in the forefront of the industry it’s in.

public relations to promote your business

Managing media inquiries and crisis communication will also be incorporated into your PR plan. As the saying goes, “hope for the best but plan for the worst.” Anticipating a crisis and planning how to manage the aftermath will ensure that you’re best prepared to handle what may come your way. The crisis in Flint, Michigan, was forecasted and warned by Governor Rick Snyder’s communication director, Ari Adler.


Reported by the Detroit Free Press, Adler sent an article to the governor’s office titled “Who wants to drink Flint’s water?” It focused on the impact the water quality had on residents and Adler stated, “This is a public relations crisis — because of a real or perceived problem is irrelevant — waiting to explode nationally.” Unfortunately, Adler was right. What’s even more unfortunate is that his PR advice fell on deaf ears.

public relations to promote your business

Why should I hire a publicist? I can do the work myself.

If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s important to consider your strengths. You wouldn’t ask your plumber to decorate your home. He or she may be great at unclogging your drains; however, that’s their strength. Ask yourself, “What is mine?” The ability to create compelling content isn’t a strong suit of many. It’s a skill honed year after year, draft after draft and publication after publication. Your publicist will know how to tell your story. He or she should have experience writing for different industries and has learned how to use words to pull people in. It’s an innate trait—one many business leaders have recognized, incorporating content marketing into their business strategies.

public relations to promote your business

How do I find a qualified publicist?

Inquire with other entrepreneurs you may know—word of mouth references are some of the best. Also, search the Upwork website for candidates. Copyright laws may prohibit a publicist from publishing work they’ve done for other companies, so don’t be alarmed if their work isn’t posted. Candidates should be able to provide you with links of publications they’ve done and can email you PDF’s of writing samples. Ask for references and check their LinkedIn profile. Get to know your future publicist as you two will likely develop a long withstanding professional relationship. It should be a good fit for the both of you.

Hopefully this serves as a helpful guide in using public relations to promote your business and strengthen your brand.

Contributed by Danielle Tyler – Publicist and Communications Professional

Contact Danielle for more information about creating a PR plan for your business.




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