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Crowning Glory: How Zigleys is Redefining Luxury Hair Jewelry

Daria Dana, the founder of Zigleys, isn’t just creating luxurious hair jewelry; she’s redefining the narrative around Black hair and its adornment.

Her journey began with a personal observation – a realization that while she adorned herself with exquisite jewelry, her “crown,” her natural hair, lacked the same level of refinement. This sparked a fire within her, and fueled by a deep love for her heritage and a desire to empower others, Zigleys was born.

Daria Dana, the founder of Zigleys

Driven by the vision of “jewelry for your crown, fit for royalty,” Daria embarked on a year-long mission to bring her vision to life. From meticulously selecting the name – a tribute to her father’s nickname for her and a symbol of the brand’s unique identity – to collaborating with skilled artisans in New York City, each step was taken with intention and deep respect for craftsmanship.

The result? A collection of exquisite hair jewelry pieces, handcrafted in 18-karat gold, some adorned with diamonds, designed to celebrate and elevate the beauty of locs, braids, and twists.

Beyond the undeniable elegance of the pieces, Zigleys carries a deeper significance. It’s a celebration of Black culture and history, where intricate hair adornment has held deep meaning for centuries. Daria weaves this rich heritage into each design, ensuring every piece is not just an accessory, but a symbol of pride, resilience, and cultural significance.

The brand’s impact extends beyond aesthetics. Zigleys is actively involved in fostering conversations about Black hair, challenging negative stereotypes, and promoting self-love within the community.

Daria’s optimism, fueled by her unwavering belief in following her intuition and purpose, is a cornerstone of Zigleys’ journey. She embodies the spirit of the brand – one that celebrates individuality, empowers self-expression, and honors the cultural richness of Black hair.

As Zigleys expands, offering not just exquisite adornments but also venturing into high-end hair care, one thing remains certain: Daria Dana and Zigleys are on a mission to redefine the narrative, ensuring that the Black community has access to the very best, not just in hair care and adornment, but in the way their cultural expressions are valued and celebrated.

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