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Kofi Nartey Discusses How He Sells Million Dollar Homes to High Net Worth and Celeb Clients

Kofi Nartey has over fourteen years of professional experience in luxury real estate and has sold millions of dollars worth of real estate.
The former athlete and actor is currently the Celebrity and Luxury Homes Specialist and the National Director of the Compass Sports & Entertainment Division.

We caught up with Kofi to find out more about how he has managed and trained hundreds of agents, and built a successful real estate business.

How did you decide to get into real estate?

I have always been an entrepreneur and real estate is an industry that has allowed me to build a business. I get to use my business school training, team skills from my sports days, negotiation skills, and interpersonal skills.

It is also rewarding to help people build wealth through investing.

You often work with celebrities and professional athletes. What does it take to attract and keep hi net worth clients?

You have to understand their lifestyles and know how to service them better. They have different wants, needs, and concerns.

Kofi and LA Laker, Lonzo Ball

The better positioned you are to proactively service those needs, the more likely you are to get their business. Once you get them, you keep them with amazing service and follow up.

Kofi and Philadelphia Sixer,  Joel Embiid

What are some new and innovative ways you market your services or listings and what “old school” methods are still effective?

I have a saying when it comes to innovation in industries: “Two-thirds tried and true, one-third sexy and new.”  Sometimes industries are so innovative, they don’t connect with the consumer. We use technology to improve the client experience and make it more efficient.

Compass, the brokerage I work for, is at the forefront of real estate technology and we use these tools to stay ahead of the market. For the tried and true, you still have to engage and connect with people on a personal level. You may use technology to reach them, but personal engagement will keep them.

People measure success in different ways. What does success in business and in life look like to you?

That’s a simple one. To me success is realizing all of your God given gifts and sharing them with the world. This means, working daily to realize your potential in whatever you are doing and share that potential with those around you.

What advice do you have for fairly new real estate professionals who want to take their business to the next level?

1. Be ready to work hard. Nothing replaces hard work…not even technology.

2. Find a mentor. Find someone in you can learn from or join a team that gives you more exposure and resources.
3. Set longer term goals. Set your goals a year to three years out, then work daily to accomplish them. Nothing amazing happens over night.

4. Lastly, Focus & Finish. This is a mantra I created and have lived by for a decade. Focus on the small steps that lead to your big goals.


– Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson (IG: @thebusyafrican)