Paula Mae Weekes

Paula Mae Weekes Just Became Trinidad and Tobago’s First Female President

Paula Mae Weekes became the first woman president of Trinidad and Tobago on Monday after being elected by the country’s Electoral College back in January.

Paula Mae Weekes 

A retired judge from the Appeal Court, Paula Mae Weekes was the only presidential nominee proposed by the government.

Shortly after being elected, Weekes admitted she felt “completely terrified” about the idea of being president.

“I can tell you that apart from feeling honored and humbled, I felt completely terrified. And that terror has not yet abated,” Weekes said.

Following her swearing in, President Weekes urged citizens to join her and to help bring the country to greatness.

“Do not let me walk alone. By faith let us stand together side by side as we carry our nation to greatness.”

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