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Isaac Barnes on How He Won a $13.4B Government Contract

Isaac Barnes is the founder and President of Eminent Future, a digital product, and innovation company focused on creating societal change.

Recently, Isaac made history by winning a $13.4 billion defense contract with the Pentagon, White House, and Department of State.

In this interview he shares:

  • His background and how it inspired him to become an entrepreneur.
  • Why he decided to get into government contracting.
  • Being awarded a $13.4 Billion contract.
  • The formula for obtaining multi-million and multi-billion dollar government contracts.
  • Why it’s important that Black youth get involved in technology.
  • How cryptocurrency can be used to create wealth in the Black community.
  • Details about his cryptocurrency, xMooney token.
  • Thoughts about thinking big vs limited thinking.
  • His personal and professional future goals?

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