Agaciro Development Fund

A Conversation with the CEO of AGACIRO, Rwanda’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

The Agaciro Development Fund (Agaciro) was established in 2012 with the purpose of fostering Rwanda’s self-reliance and advancing economic development. Currently managing assets worth approximately $284 million, Agaciro has made strategic investments in 29 companies.

In this conversation, Mr. Gilbert Nyatanyi, the CEO of the Agaciro Development Fund, discusses the fund’s objectives, its diverse investment portfolio, and emphasizes the significance of collaborating with international investment partners and African sovereign wealth funds.

Mr. Nyatanyi also highlights the upcoming African Sovereign Investors Forum, a pivotal event designed to promote cooperation among sovereign wealth funds in Africa. The forum aims to facilitate the identification of joint projects, co-investment opportunities, and partnerships, with a focus on achieving tangible and substantial outcomes.

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