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Beyoncé Just Dropped Some New Ish…And This Time, I’m Not Mad.

When Beyoncé dropped her Formation video last year, I felt some kind of way. I also had something to say. Thankfully, she later released Lemonade, a visual and sonic Pentecostal-esque experience for Black women everywhere, and was redeemed in my eyes.  In the rest of the world, she was of course, beyond fine…perfect even, my critique aside.

A few hours ago, fellow New Orleanian and renowned writer Rickey Laurentis posted this on facebook:

– New Beyonce. Not a drill. Do not run. Do not take elevators. Take the stairs, please.

While I’m no Beyhiver…I did go over to her IG page and pressed play anyway.

Beyoncé dropped her contribution to relief funds of the recent natural disasters to hit the Caribbean and Mexico (not to mention her ongoing relief efforts for hometown – Houston) by adding some lyrics to the remix of Colombia’s J Balvin and Willy William’s Mi Gente. No triggering images of flood waters. No videos of her rolling around in couture amidst shattered buildings or rubble. Just a rotating photo of herself in some pretty technicolored dress and her sultry Reggaeton lyrics on repeat.

And guess what?






While I’d still personally support more grassroots relief efforts as opposed to a few listed on her site, I’m appreciative of her good will and contribution.

Thanks Bey.