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Black-Owned Climate Tech Startup, BlocPower Raises $150 Million to Decarbonize America’s Buildings

BlocPower is a Black-owned climate tech startup that is making American cities smarter, greener and healthier. BlocPower partners with utilities, government agencies, and building owners to identify unhealthy, energy-wasting buildings to retrofit.

The New York based startup then works with these building owners to develop, install and finance upgrades that reduce fossil fuel consumption—like replacing an oil burning boiler with an electric heat pump. BlocPower earns revenue via installation profits, financing fees, and enterprise contracts.

Today, BlocPower announced a successful fundraising round of $150 million, which includes over $24 million of Series B corporate equity led by VoLo Earth Ventures and $130 million of debt financing led by Goldman Sachs. Other investors who joined the equity round include Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, Credit Suisse, Builders Vision, New York State Ventures, Unreasonable Collective, Kimbal and Christiana Musk, Gaingels, Van Jones, Kapor Capital, My Climate Journey, Tale Venture Partners, and NBA superstar and entrepreneur Russell Westbrook.

To date, BlocPower has raised over $250 million of capital to finance building decarbonization in low-income communities.

The investment round will enable BlocPower to expand its heat pump and building electrification programs across the U.S. The company will further develop its proprietary BlocMaps SaaS analytics platform, grow its financing and administrative capabilities, and broaden its Civilian Climate Corps green workforce initiative, which focuses on training and hiring at-risk individuals in vulnerable communities.

“Since 2014, BlocPower has focused on decarbonizing America’s urban core, developing the green economy’s workforce, and bringing climate justice to underserved and vulnerable communities. We are fighting the climate crisis while improving quality of life for city residents. Series B equity and working capital financing from Goldman Sachs will allow us to accelerate building decarbonization across America. We will help low-to-moderate income communities to access the benefits of President Biden’s once in a lifetime green economy investments,” said Donnel Baird, CEO and founder of BlocPower.

The company has shown significant growth since its 2020 Series A, with 4,000% revenue growth and signing city-scale decarbonization projects in Ithaca, NY and Menlo Park, CA, as well as large-scale projects in Denver, CO; San Jose, CA; Buffalo, NY; Atlanta, GA; and San Luis Obispo, CA. The company has completed hundreds of green energy upgrades across the country, bringing the total number of completed projects to more than 5,000 apartments, homes, houses of worship, and commercial buildings.

BlocPower’s Civilian Climate Corps was awarded a two-year, $108 million contract from New York City Mayor Eric Adams to train 3,000 city residents for clean energy jobs and to help reduce gun violence as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ Precision Employment Initiative. The new contract expanded upon a $37 million contract from 2021, which launched the NYC Civilian Climate Corps. To support that growth, BlocPower opened two new training facilities in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

BlocPower’s work has been recognized by Vice President Kamala Harris, who is honoring the company as an Emerging Leader in Washington, D.C. The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to ensuring that 40% of climate infrastructure investments impact “Justice 40” communities, which are communities that have a history of excess pollution, disenfranchisement, and underinvestment.

by Tony O. Lawson

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ChargerHelp! Raises $17.5M to Meet Growing EV Charging Industry Demand

ChargerHelp!, a company that provides operations, maintenance, and workforce development services for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, has announced that it has raised $17.5M in Series A financing.

The investment round was led by Blue Bear Capital, with participation from Aligned Climate Capital, Exelon Corporation, and previous investors including Energy Impact Partners and non sibi ventures.

ChargerHelp! co-founders Evette Ellis, Chief Workforce Officer (L) and Kameale Terry, Chief Executive Officer (R)

The funding will help ChargerHelp!, the sole national EVSE-dedicated operations and maintenance service provider, further its commitment to reliable EV charging. This includes developing its EMPWR reliability software platform, expanding its Reliability as a Service (RaaS) offering, and growing its workforce development programs.

The need for reliable EV charging stations is vital for the industry’s expansion as EV adoption continues to grow. ChargerHelp! has experienced significant month-over-month revenue growth and increased customer traction due to its efforts to educate and service the market. The company’s differentiated and data-driven approach has made it possible to ensure dependable charger uptime, a critical factor for widespread vehicle electrification.

ChargerHelp!’s app-based dispatch and deployment system provides on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained local workforces. This capability, provided at scale, is essential to support sharp growth in EV charging infrastructure and improve efficiency, turnaround time, and network availability while reducing costs across the networks. ChargerHelp! takes a technology-first approach to provide its clients with reliable, predictable, and hassle-free EV charging.


With the growth of EV deployment under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, many public EV chargers are falling short of the mark set by NEVI’s requirements. Yet ChargerHelp!’s EVSE technician support and data-driven insights have shown they can help their customers meet the required 97% uptime. These solutions have inspired past investors like Elemental Excelerator and current ones to support the company’s mission.

ChargerHelp!’s RaaS offering is a labor subscription service that provides peace of mind to charging station owners and operators who require fast and reliable O&M services at consistent, hassle-free prices. As the only national EVSE-dedicated operations and maintenance service provider, ChargerHelp! is committed to providing reliable, predictable, and hassle-free EV charging.

ChargerHelp! is focused on finding innovative solutions to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. Its technology is solving the massive software and data problems that electrification faces. With the support of its investors, ChargerHelp! is working to reduce the impact of climate change in the communities it serves, particularly in under-resourced areas that are disproportionately affected by climate change.

by Tony O. Lawson

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