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5 Black Owned Subscription Box Businesses

The subscription box industry has become extremely popular in the last few years. Many businesses, large and small, are getting in on the action. Some of these are Black Owned Subscription Box Businesses that offer great products and services. Check them out!

Black Owned Subscription Box Businesses

Ujamaa Box founder, Ebony Costain comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so it’s no surprise that she has created her own venture, Ujamaa Box.
This box contains goodies from black businesses across multiple industries e.g. beauty, food, health, fashion and more. The items included in the Ujamaa Box are meant to help the businesses increase brand awareness and encourage repeat purchases once you realize how dope the products are!
I met Ebony at their one year anniversary at MoCADA and I could tell how passionate she is about the issues of Black business ownership and supporting black owned businesses. Ujamaa Box also provides advisory services for aspiring entrepreneurs. Monthly subscriptions are $25.

Dapper Black Box was founded by Aaron J. Barnes and is the only Black-owned subscription box company I know of that focuses on products for strictly for men.

Currently, they offer quality accessories and toiletries in three different boxes, The Jennings Box, The Carver Box, and The Leidesdorff Box.

Each of their boxes will be named after a different black inventor or businessman. (The Douglass is on the way for December) Dapper Black Box says “Our subscribers share our mission to encourage investment into Black businesses.” We definitely support this message. Monthly subscriptions are $28 and the shipping goes for the low, low price of…FREE! If you are thinking of starting an online subscription business, you should find an ebay courier that provides speedy postage at a price you are willing to pay! eBay can be a great place to start marketing subscription packages because you don’t need to pay too much to start selling there!

black owned subscription box

black owned subscription box

Bevel, the brain child of Tristan Walker, is the flagship brand of Walker & Company and a shaving system created with the intention of preventing and addressing the issues of skin irritation like razor bumps.

They offer extensive grooming and shaving tips on their website as well as a directory of “Bevel Approved Barbershops” in 8 major U.S. cities. Your first Bevel shipment includes a Bevel Razor and Bevel Badger Brush plus 3-month supply of priming oil, shave cream, restoring balm and 60 Blades. Once you subscribe, a 3-Month Supply is shipped every 3 months.

The current holiday offer is $59.85 paid in 3 installments of $19.95. In September, Tristan announced that the company had raised $24 million and will soon be available in Target stores in the United States and on

black owned subscription box

black owned subscription box

Curl Kit was created by Heather Cummings to help women find the right products for their natural “hurr”. The kit offers 6-9 samples (and full size products) of natural hair and beauty products.

It also comes with a zine, Curl Life that contains information and tips on all things hair and beauty. Take a look at one of the many “Unboxing videos” available on YouTube where users (some paid) give their reviews.

Definitely do your own research to find out if this is an investment you want to make. Subscriptions plans available are $20/month, $60 per three months or $120 per six months (shipping not included). You can also get 10% off just for liking them on Facebook.

black owned subscription box

black owned subscription box

WeAreOnyx started off as an online platform dedicated to teaching black women how to manage their natural hair. It has now morphed into all things beauty, hair, health and entrepreneurship for black women.

Their subscription box, ONYXBOX, offers four to six hair, makeup and skin products every month. The company founders, Delali Kpodzo & Myriam Bocobza came up with the idea in 2012 after an event involving a hairstylist, flat tire and cancelled hair appointment left Delali no other options but to figure out how to get her hair ready for work on her own.

Check out another “Unboxing video“, and of course do your research. Monthly subscription is $25 and shipping is Free99 aka music to our ears.

black owned subscription box black owned subscription box

So, there you have it! 5 dope businesses that are sure to introduce you to products you will enjoy. If you know of any that I missed, be sure to leave a comment.

Also, if you’re thinking about starting your own subscription business or would like to add a subscription service to your current business, I’ve got something for ya! It’s a book called The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry. That should get you going and steer you in the right direction, newbie or not.

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